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Rugged computers have proven time and time again to save end users and organizations large amounts of money, time, and grief due to their durability, reliability, longevity, and 3- to 5-year full warranties.

Why choose a rugged laptop or rugged tablet? There are many different types of rugged computers and the features that make them different from conventional, commercial-grade computers; as well as other considerations such as vehicle docking and mounting, integrated wireless and cellular broadband, GPS, cameras, barcode scanners, backlit keyboards and other capabilities that are often mandatory in mobile or outdoor computing.

Rugged Computers, also known as hardened computers, and ruggedized computers have been around since the late 1970s / early 1980s, so they basically have been around as long as the PC industry itself. It was quickly discovered and understood that commercial-grade PCs, designed for office workers or even highly-mobile, white-collar workers and frequent flyers, would not hold up in an in-field, in-vehicle, outdoor, or warehouse/factory type of environment. Rugged technology has been developed to allow what is a fairly delicate piece of sophisticated electronics, to be able to function and survive while on-the-go, in the field, and even in tough environmental conditions. Rugged computers have proven time and time again to save end users and organizations large amounts of money, time, and grief due to their durability, reliability, longevity, and 3- to 5-year full warranties.

Countless studies have shown that rugged and mobile computers cost less to own, even though their initial price is higher. Not to mention, the headache-avoidance factor associated with fewer repairs and less equipment failure is incalculable. Rugged devices are absolutely essential in today’s mobile computing environment. Public safety, field service, construction, healthcare, natural resource-related, military, field work and exploration, public and private utilities, building and home inspection, geospatial, aviation, marine, distribution and warehousing, transportation… the list goes on and on of the industries and fields of endeavor that are able to take advantage of computer automation and the subsequent productivity gains as a result of the availability of rugged and ruggedized computers.

Rugged Computers have features like magnesium or aluminum casings, shock-mounted disk drives or solid state drives, waterproof and backlit rugged keyboards, and hardened sunlight-readable displays. Some rugged computers are able to withstand a 6-foot drop on to concrete or even submersion in water. These days, all form factors of computers have been ruggedized including laptops/notebooks, tablets, and handhelds/smartphones.

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Getac F110, RX10 and T800 Fully Rugged Tablets — A Review

Getac intently listens to customers and finding new ways to improve product and solve pressing problems many organizations are facing within their own network infrastructure.

Getac has made a big splash in the world of rugged mobile computing. Many law enforcement agencies, state and local government agencies, fire departments, healthcare facilities, utility companies and many more have adopted Getac devices to improve productivity and stay in step with the new technology available today. Getac intently listens to customers and finding new ways to improve product and solve pressing problems many organizations are facing within their own network infrastructure.

Getac rugged tablets and rugged laptops have proven to be an industry leader in rugged mobile computing. Since 1989, Getac has been providing rugged computing solutions for demanding professionals in extreme environments. Getac offers an extensive rugged computing product lineup including convertibles, tablets, laptops and handheld computers.

Getac has made several technological breakthroughs that improve the performance and safety of using computers in dangerous environments including:

  • QuadraClear sunlight readable display screens.
  • Night vision without goggles.
  • Advanced power saving technology.
  • Industry’s first resistive multi-touch display for use with gloves.

Today, we are discussing three Getac fully rugged tablets: Getac F110, RX10 and T800.

Getac F110 Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac F110 rugged tablet was designed to be about the size of a typical piece of paper. This rugged computing device is a popular choice for in-vehicle deployment, manufacturing, public safety, military, home and building inspection, and many more. The Getac F110 has opened the door for many organizations to solve pressing internal mobile computing problems. With an 11.6-inch display, 6th generation processor, amazing graphics and dual batteries for extremely long days in the field, the Getac F110 tablet is sure to impress any mobile worker. F110_HD_880_373

Getac designed the F110 tablet with a revolutionary LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen display which bonds the display glass with the touch panel and LCD, creating a single pane that is more reliable and exceptionally durable. The F110 rugged tablet features four touch modes: Touch-Rain, Glove or Pen mode, or an optional digitizer mode — included is a hard-tip stylus allowing users to capture signatures, take more precise notes in the field, drawings, form entry and maps. Another incredible feature on the Getac F110 rugged tablet is the battery power — how many field service professionals do you know that lose power in the field which in turn results from lost information, decreased productivity and user frustration. Getac thought of it all when they designed the F110 with two hot-swappable batteries for potentially limitless battery power. This feature allows users to remove one of the two removable batteries and replace it with a fresh battery without shutting down the device.

Getac RX10 Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac RX10 is a feature-filled rugged tablet with a built-in ergonomic handle designed specifically for field service. The RX10 has multifactor authentication including password protection, radio-frequency identification (RFID), a fingerprint reader and a smartcard reader. Confidential documents will stay safe and secure with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and Absolute DDS software . RX10_glovetouch

For vehicle deployments, the RX10 can be configured with tri pass-through antenna ports, allowing mobile workers to simultaneously connect high-gain GPS, wireless WAN and wireless LAN roof-mounted antennas for expanded signal range while in the field. A detachable rugged keyboard and kickstand allow users to transform the RX10 to a two-in-one device, a design trend growing in popularity, all working together for accurate data input in the field.  The RX10 rugged keyboard is easy to clean and features a backlight function and IP54 dust and water protection. A wide range of accessories make this rugged RX10 tablet an excellent mobile computing tool for field, sales, service and inventory management.

Getac T800 Rugged Tablet

The Getac T800 fully rugged tablet is designed for comfortable one-handed operation, the T800 features a thin, ergonomic design, a nice sized touchscreen for easy viewing, and best-in-class battery life with an optional hot-swappable SnapBack battery for potentially limitless power in the field. The Getac T800 is an ideal solution for field service workers, technicians, construction workers, officers collecting field data and more. T800

Vehicle mounts from Gamber-Johnson and Havis allow tri-pass-through antenna ports to synchronously connect to high-gain WWAN, WLAN and roof-mounted GPS antennas. The sunlight-viewable LumiBond 2.0 display provides a responsive 10-point touch experience along with a 170-degree viewing angle and 16:10 aspect ratio for optimal reading from virtually any angle. Rain, glove and pen touch modes provide just the right sensitivity for writing and signing on the Getac T800 tablet.

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