The Importance of Vehicle Mounting Solutions for Laptops and Tablets

Every year over 130,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles, not just during an accident but during sudden stops, turns and unexpected maneuvers.

Why would you want to use a vehicle mount for your computer? The answer is simple – you cannot afford not to! A vehicle mount is a must have if you are driving with your computer in the vehicle, and the selection of vehicle mounting systems Group Mobile carries makes it easy to choose the correct mounting solution for your specific needs.

Safety is one of the top reasons to use a computer vehicle mount. Every year over 130,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles, not just during an accident but during sudden stops, turns and unexpected maneuvers. Your computer, or your employee’s computer, becomes a very dangerous object at unexpected times. The computer itself can be damaged, causing down time and potentially costly repairs.

Group Mobile offers a wide selection of mounting options to choose from. We carry the top brands, including Gamber JohnsonRAM, and Havis. There are also computer specific cradles and docking stations available for many computer brands and models. These cradles and docking stations offer custom fit for your computer as well as port replication with some offering antenna pass-through to increase wireless reception. Whether mounting your computer in your car, truck, van or boat, we have the mounting system you need.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of vehicle mounts for every possible make, model, and mobile computing device. Finding a durable and reliable vehicle mount is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your mobile office, so take your time finding the perfect mount for your needs. If you have any questions about the mounts discussed here or any other type of vehicle mount, or would like assistance in selecting the proper vehicle mount for your purposes, please feel free to contact one of our mobile installation experts at Group Mobile. We pride ourselves on providing trusted technology advice for all mobile workers.

Group Mobile Is Offering Exclusive Discounts on RuggON Rugged Tablets in December!

💥💥  During the month of December, Group Mobile is extending an additional 5% discount on flexible, durable, and extremely powerful RuggON fully rugged tablets. This offer is valid through December 31, 2016, and can be availed by using the promotional code RUGGON5 during checkout at 💥💥

  •             RuggON PX-501B fully rugged tablet offers extreme power and versatility, equipped with the latest communication technology including GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE. Mobile workers will experience precise positioning, faster processing, and broad coverage. 
  •         RuggON PM-311B fully rugged tablet is purpose-built for public safety, with a high-performance fingerprint reader, MRZ reader for ID and passport verification, sunlight-readable display, and multiple high level security functions. The PM-311B rugged tablet is the complete solution for any law enforcement professional. 
  •          RuggON PM-521 fully rugged tablet platform is ideal for industries such as enterprise, industrial, and field service industries. The PM-521 rugged tablet offers an unparalleled operating experience with a choice of Android or Windows. 
  •         RuggON VM-521 vehicle mount computer is an ultra-rugged tablet offering complete ruggedness and functionality. With superb viewability in direct sunlight, the VM-521 comes with hyper-dimming technology, providing a wide and bright adjustable display meeting dim-to-black requirements.

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RuggON Rugged Tablets Now Available at Group Mobile! 

Group Mobile is a distributor and solutions provider for RuggON’s best-in-class rugged tablet portforlio. RuggON rugged tablets are designed for a variety of industries including public safety, logistics and field service. 

PX-501B – Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

This 10.1″ fully rugged Windows tablet is purpose-built with the mobile worker in mind. The RuggON PX-501B has a lightweight form factor and features the very latest in wireless connectivity including I/O ports such as Ethernet, HDMI, RJ45 and optional RS-232 for dedicated applications. For precise positioning, faster processing, broader coverage and more stable data transfer the PX-501B includes the latest and most complete communication technology including GNSS, 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, and 4G LTE. The PX-501B fully rugged tablet is rated IP65 for dust and water protection, ensuring maximum up-time throughout the day in harsh environments and the powerful Intel i5 CPU gives users more than the typical consumer desktop performance. Learn more about the PX-501B here… 

PM-311B – Rugged Tablet with Snap-on MRZ+MSR Reader – Public Safety Tablet
The RuggON PX-311B combines a clear and bright 7″ display, advanced security options and the availability of various data collection options including an MRZ + MSR reader that can read up to 3 lines of MRZ data, all of which are much needed for public safety professionals. Designed to be ready for always-connected duty, the PM-311 rugged tablet features embedded GPS, dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth v4.0, as well as 4G LTE mobile broadband. While many tablets offer mag stripe reading, the PM-311B goes a step beyond with a combined snap-on MRX+MRZ reader which can be used in documents such as passports, drivers licenses, ID cards and travel documents.  Learn more about the PM-311B here…

VM-521 – Ultra-Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer
The RuggON VM-521 is a leading-class vehicle mount computer featuring a 1000nit truly sunlight readable display even in direct sunlight. The VM-521 tablet comes with hyper dimming technology to meet dim-to-black requirements, ideal for day and night operations. With gigabit LAN, USB, digital I/O, COM and CAN ports, the RuggON VM-521 is truly designed for field operators. The isolated ports protect VM-521 from ground loop and improve system reliability in the field. Learn more about the VM-521 here…

PM-521 Rugged Tablet with Operating System Options
The RuggON PM-521 10.1″ rugged Windows tablet offers exceptional screen real estate and computing power for virtually any Windows application, enough ruggedness for outdoor deployment, and an impressive roster of accessories and add-on modules. Customers can specify optional integrated NFC and industrial-grade 2D barcode reader, and a magstripe reader and smartcard reader can be added via bolt-on modules. For wireless communication, the PM-521 rugged tablet includes Bluetooth 4.0 Class II, fast 802.11ac WiFi, and GNSS. Optionally available is 3.5G or 4G LTE mobile broadband capability. The PM-521 tablet’s gyroscope, G-sensor, E-compass and ambient light sensor can be used for innovative functionality in system software and applications. An impressive 5-foot drop spec, IP65 sealing for protection from dust and water, and a wide operating temperature range of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit make this fully rugged PM-521 tablet ideal for the toughest workflows. Learn more about the PM-521 here…