Rugged Laptop or Rugged Tablet — How to Decide on the Right Mobile Computer for Law Enforcement

Whether you decide to implement a tablet or laptop solution into your department is completely dependent on the necessary requirements to create a real-time situational awareness crime center for every officer.

We all know how unpredictable and fast-moving law enforcement can be. We can all recall the days when officers carried handhelds the size of a brick, cell phones were an expensive status symbol, no inter-connectivity to personnel was available, and long trips back to the station to input the day’s data entry was a tedious and dreaded task. Who could have predicted the law enforcement workflow of the future — reliable and continual communication, instant access to critical records, GPS guidance, e-citations, fingerprint authentication readers, smartcard and magnetic card readers, body-worn cameras, in-vehicle printing, on-scene incident reporting, barcode and RFID readers, automatic license plate readers, and law enforcement oriented apps and software — these advancements have made it possible for officers to have a real-time crime center. Whether you decide to implement a tablet or laptop solution into your department is completely dependent on the necessary requirements to create a real-time situational awareness crime center for every officer.

Within the past five years’ tablets have become an evolving form factor, some pledging the case for tablets becoming the mobile computing tool of the future for law enforcement, gaining momentum into the market so strongly laptops are being thrown into the abyss of the past. However, opinions differ on whether a tablet can outperform the old tried and trusted mobile workstations via a laptop or notebook, as both have their individual advantages. Keep reading on to discover the advantages of both mobile solutions — tablets and laptops for law enforcement.

The Pros of Rugged Tablet Solutions

Why should you choose a rugged tablet solution for your department? The choice between equipping your workforce with laptops or tablets is dependent upon whether officers are in a patrol car, at a desk, on foot, or in the office. Do officers want to take the device outside of the vehicle? Tablets are a highly effective tool for police motorcycles which can be mounted on handle bars or in the saddle bag, as well as patrol cars, SWAT teams and investigators. Detectives can use rugged tablets to take on-scene film footage and images without requiring expensive digital cameras to capture evidence.

Tablets are light weight and small enough for handheld use and take up minimal space inside police vehicles. Specialized uses for tablets include signature captures, barcode scanning for ID verification and VIN number scanning, field interview creation, evidence photography, plus the ability to exit a vehicle while filming real-time video of emergency situations to properly assess the requested resources for dispatch. Officers can take a tablet from the vehicle to the street and back to the office to be docked and used as a desktop PC — this seamless transition is the definition of true mobile computing. In the past, display real estate has been an issue with officers using tablets for their main computing solution but today tablet screen size has become comparable to the laptop or notebook and even offer digitized screens for glove-touch and sunlight viewability. What about data entry? Many rugged tablets have backlit companion keyboards that seamlessly snap-on or bolt-on for quick typing ability. Rugged tablets are a practical solution offering complete mobility allowing for routine work to be more streamlined in the field, an imperative element in creating intelligent, real-time crime centers.

 The Pros of Rugged Laptop Solutions

Not every rugged laptop is created equal and this is especially true when deciding which laptop solution to implement into your department. Many rugged laptops are purpose built for public safety and offer touchscreens for tapping and zooming, stylus pens for signatures and on-screen entry, a thin and light design, and ergonomic features such as swivel screens to be viewed by individuals both on the driver and passenger sides of the car.

What about removing the device from the vehicle? Many officers never remove their device from the police vehicle and when given the choice, would rather not. When a mobile device is removed from the vehicle such as a rugged tablet the chance of the device being broken, driven over, stolen or misplaced is highly likely. When this happens, the device must be replaced which can be very costly over time. An important aspect of a law enforcement laptop or notebook is the proper vehicle mounting solution. The last thing an officer needs is a large bulky computer impeding the process and increasing risk. Vehicle docking stations and consoles keep rugged laptops charged and ready to go while providing shock absorption and stability. Rugged laptops will continue to evolve aiming to make jobs more efficient and productive — we see this today in the adoption of the two-in-one hybrid notebook which can be used as a laptop or tablet. For those who need the stability of a laptop, yet the light weight flexible form factor of a tablet, a two-in-one device may be the right solution for your department.

When the time comes to implement new and advanced technology whether it be a tablet, laptop or a two-in-one device, police computers must be durable, high performing, easy to use with custom features and options, along with a realistic price point — an equation for value and return on investment.

The mobile solutions experts at Group Mobile work with police departments nationwide and can assist you in determining the best equipment for your application and budget.

Group Mobile Features the Juno T41 Rugged Handheld Computer – Improved Rugged Classifications, Plus a Lower Price Point for a Limited Time!

Due to customer demand, the Juno T41 line of rugged handheld

computers now all meet IP68 ruggedness for the very highest standards for water immersion and dust protection.

Juno T41 Rugged Handheld
Group Mobile is announcing the new and improved ingress protection ratings and a much lower price point for a limited time on the Trimble Juno T41 rugged handheld. Save $400 on the Trimble Juno T41!  The Juno T41 is purpose-built for tough outdoor conditions such as field service, farming, inventory, and agriculture industries. Trimble announced the improvement of specifications on all Ingress Protection (IP) IP65 Juno T41 handhelds to now include the higher IP68 classification for improved protection from driving rain and liquid immersion, corrosive environments, dust, shock, drops, vibration, prolonged UV exposure, and extreme temperatures and altitudes.  
The versatile Juno T41 rugged handheld will allow you to build the handheld computer you need: Android or Microsoft Windows operating systems, Barcode Imager, Smartphone, or GPS collector. Whatever the ideal combination of features and functionality, the Juno T41 is dependable and built to last for years in any environment.

Android 4.1 Operating System:

Android 4.1 (nicknamed “Jelly Bean”) is fully operational for all hardware features of the T41 family of products. With Android 4.1, users will appreciate increased battery efficiency, improved security options, more robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® and a much-improved, sleek user-interface.

Enhanced GPS:
Enhanced GPS uses SBAS and a GPS Accuracy Algorithm to provide dramatic improvements. Under the correct conditions, Enhanced GPS allows data collection with 1-2 meter accuracy in real-time, while gathering raw data output for post-processing applications. Enhanced GPS can be paired with any other Juno T41 configuration including the basic handheld computer, smartphone, or the 1D/2D Barcode Imager to get extra value out of existing workflows.

1D/2D Barcode Imager: 

Trimble Scan Technology reads a wide range of traditional 1D barcodes, as well as 2D matrix codes. It also digitally captures signatures and images. All of these features are customizable using the Trimble “Scan Agent” application.Omni-directional reading capabilities, along with high motion tolerance, will allow quick, accurate scanning – no matter what the angle or orientation the unit is to the barcodes. The white light illumination with red LED sight line simulates laser scanner performance and provides fool-proof barcode reading in real world conditions: dirt and mud, glass and bright surfaces, harsh and dark conditions, and partially obstructed barcodes or matrices.   

To learn more, configure, and order a Juno T41, visit, or call 866-RUGGED8.