5 Reasons You Need a Rugged Mobile Printer

If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

If you take your business on the go with you, you may already have experienced many of the benefits of rugged mobile devices. A rugged computer that’s tough enough to handle being bounced around in your truck all day, a rugged tablet that you can safely use in the rain, or a rugged handheld that doesn’t quit just because it bounced out of your hand and landed face-down on the sidewalk are incredibly useful. If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

Rugged Printers Make Creating Paperwork Easy

There are rugged mobile printers that are designed to handle all of your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re printing out a work order for a client to sign before you leave a work site or you need a printer that can print a receipt or tickets, there’s a rugged printer designed with your needs in mind. Many things have gone digital, but there’s still paperwork involved in your business. Rugged printers make creating that paperwork easy!

Speed and Quality are Increasing

Just a few years ago, a printer rugged enough to be used in the field meant a slow, clunky printer that offered poor quality at best. Today’s rugged printers, however, are rapidly increasing in quality. Now, you can expect to create everything from neat documents that print at a perfectly reasonable speed to full-color printouts that allow everyone to see every detail of the page.

Small Size Allows for More Equipment

You don’t need yet another clunky piece of equipment taking up vitally necessary space in your vehicle. Thankfully, today’s mobile printers are designed to be compact. They’ll fit neatly in the center console of your vehicle or tuck in with the rest of your equipment, allowing you to carry your rugged printer without having to sacrifice other necessary equipment.

Set Up and Use Your Printer Fast

The convenience of a printer that can go wherever you can is quickly outweighed if it takes an hour to get it set up. Thankfully, as more rugged printers hit the market, it’s becoming easier than ever to set up and use your printer. Within a matter of minutes, you can have your printer connected to your rugged mobile device and ready to use. It’s a simple process that will have you handing over important paper documentation to your clients, your coworkers, and anyone else who needs that critical information in a quick, timely manner.

Enjoy the Confidence that Your Printer Will Last

Portable printers shouldn’t be a regular line item in your budget. Instead, choose a portable printer that’s designed to be rugged–that is, a printer that is as tough as the rest of your devices and able to withstand all the conditions you face every day. From weather protection that will keep your printer functioning in spite of the fact that you’re using it outside to drop protection and more, rugged printers are designed to be used as hard as the rest of your equipment, making them a critical addition to your kit. Don’t settle for a printer that has to be replaced constantly because it’s not tough enough to handle it. Instead, choose a rugged printer that’s up to handling all your needs.

Your job demands rugged equipment, and we’re here to make sure that you have exactly the printers, scanners, and mobile devices you need in order to get your job done every day. Contact us today to learn more about the devices we carry and how they can transform your work day, your efficiency, and your budget.


Panasonic Toughbook 33, a Lightweight Detachable Notebook — Designed for Tough Work in the Field!

The Toughbook 33 laptop provides six flexible usage modes and offers two keyboards to choose from to accommodate the unique needs of different mobile professionals.

The Panasonic Toughbook 33, the fully-rugged 2-in-1 detachable laptop featuring a brilliant display, ideal for workers in the field. Inspired by workers in tough environments, the Toughbook 33 2-in-1 detachable laptop delivers rugged mobility with an abundance of customizable options for police, fire, ambulance, field service, and enterprise.  The Toughbook 33 is a lightweight detachable notebook with an extensive variety of integrated options, as well as a choice of two keyboards. The Panasonic Toughbook 33 can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of a diverse customer base. The CF-33 includes a USB 3.0, microSD, HDMI, Ethernet, audio and nano-SIM ports, the tablet also has an optional serial socket, allowing operators to connect older devices like stop lights to run diagnostics or configuration programs.

The fully-rugged Toughbook 33 features a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 vPro processor, 256GB solid state drive, 8GB RAM and a choice of Windows 10 Pro or Windows® 10 Pro with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit downgrade. The Toughbook 33 is purpose-built to meet MIL-STD-461F for electromagnetic interference and MIL-STD-810G for drop, shock, vibration, explosive atmosphere, temperature, humidity, and rain and sand. The Toughbook 33 has an IP-sealing rating of IP65 to protect against dust and liquids.

The Toughbook 33 2-in-1 laptop is built for maximum mobility with two twin hot-swappable batteries that provide 10 hours of life. In addition, the optional Long-Life Battery configuration doubles battery life to 20 hours for the most demanding mobile professionals. The Toughbook 33 laptop provides six flexible usage modes and offers two keyboards to choose from to accommodate the unique needs of different mobile professionals.

As for vehicle installations, the Toughbook 33 two-in-one device is available with two different vehicle docks for new deployments. The first is a tablet vehicle dock. The second is a 2-in-1 vehicle dock which utilizes the Premium Keyboard and can be mounted either in laptop (clamshell) or convertible mode.

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Featuring the Getac RX10 and RX10H Rugged Tablets Delivering Outstanding Performance for Field Service and Healthcare Industries!

Rugged tablets with outstanding performance!

These two rugged tablets are equipped with a variety of features perfect for field service demands as well as the healthcare industry. Getac’s RX10 and RX10H tablets incorporate some of the most advanced features and specifications needed to tackle the toughest tasks in the harshest environments. Both tablets are thin and lightweight in design, portable with an integrated handle and overcome tough military standards, MIL-STD 810G and IP65 certified. The RX10 and RX10H were engineered to protect the tablet against four foot drops, shocks, spills, vibration, dust and liquid. The agility and responsiveness of the RX10 and RX10H will impress and rise to any rugged occasion! 

Getac RX10

Engineered with field 
service workers in mind!

The rugged Getac RX10 is a sleek and lightweight rugged tablet with innovative accessories made for incomparable efficiency and unbeatable productivity in a multitude of field service environments. Field service professionals are faced with ever-changing data capture requirements on a day-to-day basis, and with Getac’s exclusive LumiBond 2.0 technology, users get a brighter, tougher display with vivid colors and higher contrast for easy readability, even in direct sunlight. 
The RX10 incorporates the highly efficient Intel Core 5-MY10c processor with 4-8GB of RAM LPDDR3 and storage of 128GB or 256GBSSD. Battery power is of the utmost importance while in the field, the RX10 is powered by a smart battery Li-Ion 2160mAh with 8 hours of battery life and features a hot-swappable LifeSupport battery for extended power. The Getac RX10 provides a variety of security and connectivity features essential for protecting and sharing confidential information. Its multifactor authentication includes password protection, RFID, fingerprint reader and a smartcard reader. The equipment interface includes USB 3.0 / 2.0, Micro HDMI port, headphone and microphone combo jack. On the back of the rugged RX10 is an 8MP camera and there is a connector for Snapback accessories. Learn more about the Getac RX10 rugged tablet…

                                           Getac RX10H

Helping to deliver exceptional healthcare service!

The new Getac RX10H tablet helps medical professionals gather patient information and expedite
administrative paperwork all from a single device, supporting the delivery of exceptional and efficient health care services. The RX10H’s thin, ergonomic design and no-slip grip make it comfortable to carry through an entire work shift. The broad, contoured handle hangs easily from any hook —and the body is built to withstand continuous sanitation for long lasting durability. The RX10H runs on the Intel Core M-5Y10c processor, comes standard with 4GB RAM, and can easily operate in temperatures ranging from -5.8 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The RX10H’s exterior is made with an antimicrobial material that resists the growth of harmful contaminants, making it safe for the healthcare industry to meet specific regulations. The RX10H display offers glove-sensitive multi-touch functionality with greater readability and sensitivity without compromising durability. Getac’s proprietary technology also enhances screen sensitivity in wet environments while using a stylus, digitizer or even gloves, an essential feature for health care professionals. The device offers powerful security protection for keeping patient records safe. Its multi-factor authentication includes password protection, RFID reader, fingerprint reader and smart card reader. In addition, TPM 2.0 and Absolute DDS further enhance security to protect private health information. Learn more about the Getac RX10H rugged healthcare tablet…

See Why Mobile Printers and Scanners Will Complete Your Mobile Office!

Group Mobile carries many solutions for printing and scanning with mobile professionals in mind. Mobile printers and scanners are extremely portable and can be mounted in vehicles or carried in a small bag or briefcase. Whether you are a warehouse associate, manager of a distribution company, architect, field service worker, or a traveling salesperson, having the ability to print on demand is highly valuable. Group Mobile specializes in the full mobile office solutionmake your mobile office complete with a mobile printer or scanner. 
Brother PocketJet 6 Plus Portable Printer 

One of Group Mobile’s most popular printers is the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus Portable Printer which is designed to be lightweight, durable, and flexible. With print speeds up to 6ppm, fast throughput, and high quality prints, you’ll always be prepared to print on the go. It is compatible with most PCs, laptops, or palmtops running the Windows operating system. At barely over 10″ long and 1 pound in weight, the PocketJet 6 Plus fits easily into your briefcase, computer bag, or can be quickly mounted in any vehicle or small work area. Learn more about the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus Portable Printer here… 

Brother PocketJet 673 Portable Printer for Apple iPad and iPhone Devices

The Brother PocketJet 673 Portable Printer, designed for Apple iPad and iPhone devices, is small, lightweight, durable, and can easily fit into your briefcase, computer bag, or mounted inside your vehicle or small work area. The PocketJet 673 is just over 10″ long and 1 lb. in weight. It has 300dpi resolution, providing high-quality printing for applications that require the best output for fine text and graphics. The PocketJet 673 also uses advanced Direct Thermal Printing Technology, which eliminates the need for messy and expensive ink, toner, or ribbons. It is compatible with Apple iPad and iPhone devices only. Learn more about the Brother PocketJet 677 Portable Printer here…

Brother DSmobile 720D Portable Duplex Scanner

The Brother DSmobile 720D Portable Duplex Scanner is extremely versatile, allowing for easy color scanning for virtually anyone, whether you are a mobile professional or working at home. It’s ideal for capturing two-sided business

documents, as well as receipts, business cards, embossed plastic cards, invoices, photographs, and more. Simply connect to a computer via the included USB cable, and you are ready to scan. Getting organized has never been so simple! Learn more about the Brother DSmobile 720D Portable Duplex Scanner here… 

Brother RuggedJet RJ4040 Mobile Printer with WiFi and Battery

The Brother RuggedJet RJ4040 mobile printer is designed to be fast, tough, and versatile with print speeds up to 5ips, fast throughput, IP54 certification, 6 foot drop protection, plus the ability to print receipts or labels with one printer. RuggedJet RJ4040 printers feature USB, serial, and WiFi wireless interfaces, a wide selection of resident and downloadable fonts, support for the major linear and 2D barcodes, optional magnetic card reader, and much more. The RJ4040 can be used for a wide range of receipt and label printing applications in public safety, field service, route accounting, manufacturing, warehouse markets, and more. Learn more about the Brother RuggedJet JR4040 Mobile Printer here…

For information on all Brother Mobile Printers and Scanners, visit www.groupmobile.com/dept.asp/dept_id=49, or call 866-RUGGED8.

Unitech Rugged Computers Offered at Group Mobile!

Learn more about the Unitech Rugged Computers offered at Group Mobile — the HT682 Rugged Handheld, PA692 Rugged Handheld, PA700 Rugged Handheld, and TB100 Rugged TabletThe Unitech Rugged computers are rugged and built to last!

Unitech HT682 Rugged Handheld
Ideal for mobile applications

The rugged Unitech HT682 handheld runs the Windows® Embedded Compact Professional 6.0 R3 operating system and is well suited for manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation. The rugged HT682 is ergonomically designed and can be used with one hand. The HT682 handheld is ideal for mobile applications with integrated Bluetooth® 2.1 and enhanced data rate (EDR). Its 22-key backlit keypad makes data entry simple. This HT682 rugged mobile computer comes with a 1D laser or 2D imager scanner with backup battery capability over 72 hrs. Learn more about the Unitech HT682 rugged handheld…

Unitech PA692 Rugged Handheld
Latest wireless communication and advanced performance

The rugged Unitech PA692 handheld runs the Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system and combines the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today’s aggressive business environment. The PA692 handheld also boasts a comprehensive wireless platform that includes integrated GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.75G connectivity. The rugged PA692 offers an integrated 1D / 2D scanning capability, as well as a HF and UHF RFID reader / writer, GPS, and a high resolution 5.0 megapixel digital camera. The rugged PA692 also offers convenient short-range communication between electronic devices. Learn more about the PA692 rugged handheld…

Unitech PA700 Rugged Handheld
Easy mobile Android operating system

The rugged Unitech PA700 handheld runs the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system and is a powerful and versatile data collection toolThe PA700 handheld is built to withstand the wear and tear associated with any enterprise, all while maintaining the stylish look of consumer-grade smartphones. The fully illuminated and sunlight readable screen on the rugged PA700 facilitates outdoor applications, while the thinner and stronger Gorilla Glass II display yields greater touch sensitivity for an easy user experience. The PA700 Android handheld computer is equipped with advanced Bluetooth v4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi and wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n tri-mode radios. In addition, the PA700 has a 5 megapixel camera with dual autofocus and LED flash.  This device is also available with 2D scanning. Learn more about the Unitech PA700 rugged handheld…

Unitech TB100 Rugged Tablet
Highly customizable and ultimate flexibility 

The rugged Unitech TB100 tablet runs on the Android™ 3.2 platform operating system and offers a bright outdoor-readable, 7 inch multi-touch display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass construction to make the device durable enough for highly mobile workers. The rugged TB100 offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® wireless, and optional integrated 3.75G WWAN. GPS and a digital compass are built into the TB100 for navigation applications. The TB100 tablet also offers other unique features for ultimate flexibility and field workforce efficiency including 1.2MP front-facing webcam and a 5.0MP rear camera, as well as mini USB, mini HDMI, and micro SD card interfaces. The TB100 rugged tablet is a great rugged solution for a variety of mobile business demands. Learn more about the Unitech TB100 rugged tablet…

To learn about all Unitech Products, visit www.groupmobile.com/brand.asp/mf_id=71 or call 1-866-RUGGED8 (1-866-784-4338).

DT315 Three Foot Rugged Drop Test from DT Research

The people at DT Research wanted to test the ruggedness of the DT315 tablet by seeing if it could withstand a three foot drop test! Watch this video to see! 

The rugged DT315 (also called the DT315CT) features the integration of a magnificent 9.7-inch capacitive touch display and weighs just under two pounds. The DT315CT rugged tablet offers a high performance yet energy-efficient Intel® Atom™ dual-core, 1.86GHz processor and a smart card reader within a slim, light, and durable package. The rugged DT315 includes 4GB RAM, and 8GB flash storage for speed and performance. In addition, the durable DT315CT rugged tablet has integrated Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth®, and an optional 3G module for HSPA+/WCDMA/ EDGE/GPRS/GSM with GPS positioning and navigation to help users stay connected while on the job. 

To learn more and order the DT315 rugged tablet, visit http://www.groupmobile.com/product.asp/sku=6456/dept_id=/mf_id=83/DT315CT+Tablet.html or call 866-RUGGED8.

Bundle and Save with Group Mobile!

Group Mobile  is offering special bundle pricing on the Inspection and Appraisal Solution, featuring the popular Motion J3500. The bundle includes some of the most popular accessories for field service professionals who need to access, enter, and transmit real-time data; communicate constantly, close sales deals, and, analyze, report, and act on data findings while in the field.

The mobile computing bundle includes a well equipped Motion J3500 with a powerful Intel core i7 processor, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, with View Anywhere® display with Gorilla™ Glass. The bundle also includes the a Motion Mobile Keyboard, Work Anywhere Kit carrying solution, Auto/Air Adapter, and Mi-Forms Professional electronic forms solution software. Learn more about the Inspection and Appraisal Solution.