Mobile Computing Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing and a Review on Getac’s New A140 Rugged Tablet!

The multifunctional hard handle on the Getac A140 serves as a kickstand or handle for simple carrying in the field.

Production and assembly process: How to take the guesswork out of knowing where your product is!

• Comprehensive Inventory Control: Losing track of your product during the production and assembly process always costs money. Group Mobile sophisticated barcoding technology shows you where your product is at all times. And by simply scanning the product into your system, you can greatly reduce errors. With asset staging and tracking, from the day the equipment is deployed and placed into service, to the day you retire the equipment from operations, Group Mobile iCare™ will keep track of your mobile equipment.

• Fewer Network “Dead Spots”: Maintaining connectivity and monitoring can be your IT department’s worst nightmare, since large production and assembly staging areas often include a maze of semi-compatible devices. Group Mobile can even help you find “dead spots” you never knew existed.

• Just in Time (JIT) Capability: A single minute of lost connectivity could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, as assembly lines come to a halt. A Group Mobile designed, installed and maintained wireless network helps to secure a constant connection with internal and external suppliers. With Group Mobile technology,
your automotive inventory is always “just in time,” and your customers have what they need, when they need it.

• Access to Critical Data in Real Time: Missing or inaccessible information can cost millions in lost productivity when it slows or stops the assembly process. From raw materials to finished goods, Group Mobile data-gathering and real-time reporting solutions provide instant access to critical data – giving you the information you need to make crucial, time-sensitive decisions.

From automotive manufacturing to final distribution, if you’ve been searching for streamlined solutions for your production and plant assembly operations, call Group Mobile today. Through our consultative approach, you can have peace of mind, knowing your product is safe and your deliveries are on-time.

Getac A140 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new Getac A140 fully rugged tablet has an optional multifunctional hard handle which serves as a kickstand or handle for simple carrying in the field — a host of mounting and carrying options make this tablet a perfect choice to maximize mobile productivity!

The Getac A140 is Getac’s largest and most powerful fully rugged tablet! This A140 rugged tablet operates the Windows 10 operating system and is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. It can be optionally configured with the Intel Core i7, i5 vPro, or i7 vPro processors. It comes standard with 4GB of memory (expandable to 32GB) and an Opal 2.0 128GB solid state drive, with upgrades to 256GB or 512GB solid state drives available.

The Getac A140 has a vibrant 14” HD display that is sunlight readable and features LumiBond™ touchscreen technology for great viewability in any lighting condition. The Getac A140 tablet features various touch modes, allowing for operation in the rain, with gloves on, and utilizing a hard-tip stylus.

Three USB ports, dual RJ45 LAN jacks, HDMI and an optional serial or VGA give the Getac A140 a rich choice of I/O ports. The Getac A140 has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and optional dedicated GPS and 4G LTE multi-carrier mobile broadband to keep users connected. Workers can use the optional slim-profile vehicle dock to avoid crowding cab space in your vehicle with tri-pass through ports for connection to high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN roof mounted antennas. Additionally, the Getac A140 can be configured to include an RFID reader, a 1D/2D imager barcode reader, and a fingerprint scanner.

When it comes to Getac mobile computers in public safetyfield service and utilitiesGroup Mobile  knows exactly what you need. Group Mobile specializes in providing a perfectly customized mobile solution for every customer.

Need a rugged laptop or tablet fast? Group Mobile offers the Getac F110, S410 and V110 with a QuickShip option, which means, get your tablet or laptop in 48 hours!



Xplore Rugged Tablets for Utilities & Field Service

Xplore rugged tablets can help you achieve these goals with solutions that expedite both planned and unplanned utility fieldwork.

Inherent in the job title “Utility and Field Service Worker,” is the necessity of being out in “the field.” The utility field is not a field of pretty little plants made for frolicking about with flowers in your ear — It’s a field that requires ruggedness and efficiency.

This is an industry that needs workers who are equipped with the right rugged computing device.

Xplore Rugged Mobile Computing for Utility Field Service Workers

The goal of any computing device is to help increase productivity, protect financial investments, and provide employees with necessary information when needed.

To accomplish these goals in the utility industry, you need a device that helps field workers and technicians prevent errors in data, avoid delays in work order completion, and resolve customer satisfaction issues. Xplore rugged tablets can help you achieve these goals with solutions that expedite both planned and unplanned utility fieldwork. Xplore rugged tablets provide everything you need to get the right utility field technician at the right location, with the right tools, right now.

If field workers have standard tablets out in the field or tablets that don’t meet industry standards for field utility workers, they are going to break down and incur durability problems. You don’t want a scenario that involves a complete standstill in a field worker’s ability to make repairs and upgrades or complete various work orders, downtime such as this can be very costly.

Your Devices Need Durability

Your mobile computing devices need to be as rugged as the field workers using them. You have a bottom line that needs protected, and this means protecting financial investments. The majority of gas, water, and electric utility work happens outside the office, amid extreme working conditions. Can your mobile device handle extremes in temperature? Can it handle dust, debris, sunlight and humidity? What’s going to happen when it dangles from the side of a field worker and clangs against a sewer pipe or telephone pole?

Can it handle these conditions? If not, you’re going to have problems, big problems, problems you won’t have with an Xplore rugged tablet purpose-built for utility and field service workers.

Xplore Rugged Mobile Computing for Gas Utility Field Service

Gas pipeline inspections, gas leak repairs, and scheduled maintenance tasks often involve workers in extreme environments. These environments require a rugged mobile computer, a device lightweight enough that can go anywhere a field service technician goes, one that will deliver the same critical workflows as a desktop or rugged laptop with the I/O ports field service workers need.

Xplore rugged tablets for gas utility workers accomplish tasks associated with asset life-cycle management, customer service, infrastructure inspections, inventory management, maintenance and repair scheduling, safety audits and compliance reporting, and work orders.

Xplore Rugged Mobile Computing for Electric Utility Field Service

An exceptional rugged device needs to do more than simply stay in tact if it bangs against a utility pole. Xplore rugged devices deliver immediate asset intelligence to dispatchers, infrastructure assessment teams, and repair crews. This contributes to efficient and coordinated field efforts and leads to fewer trucks in the field, faster incident response times, and lower costs associated with work order recalls and power outage recovery.

With the right Xplore Rugged device, for example, electric utility field service technicians and plant managers identify and resolve outages, complete inspections, and repair damaged and aging infrastructure without even returning to the office.

Xplore Rugged Mobile Computing for Water Utility Field Service

Xplore Rugged computers provide solutions involving asset life-cycle management, customer service, GIS mapping, infrastructure inspections, inventory management, maintenance and repair scheduling, safety audits and compliance reporting, and work orders.

Xplore Rugged technology helps manage and mobilize water utility work projects, getting people and equipment from the office or the vehicle to where they need to be, helping manage work flow–and water flow.

Solving Your Rugged Mobile Technology Needs

When it comes to Xplore Rugged tablets and rugged accessories for utility field service workers and technicians, you need devices as tough as the job being completed.

When it comes to Xplore mobile computers in field service and utilities, Group Mobile  knows exactly what you need. Group Mobile specializes in providing a perfectly customized mobile solution for every customer.

2014 Rugged Computing Year in Review

2014 was an exciting and busy year for Group Mobile! Here are just a few of the highlights from the past 12 months. Click the links to read more on our website – or check out our Best of 2014 Review.

New Rugged Computer Products

Here are a few of the new products from 2014

Getac T800 – The Getac T800 is a compact fully rugged tablet that bundles outstanding performance, an 8.1 inch display, and unique SnapBack add-on modules for amazing versatility. At just over 2 pounds, the T800 rugged tablet is designed to easily fit ergonomically in just one hand. Learn more about the Getac T800…
Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 – The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 offers a wide range of configuration options for a flexible user experience. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 4G LTE in the FZ-M1 keep users connected while on the go. Learn more about the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1…
Xplore Bobcat – The Xplore Bobcat is a lightweight rugged tablet engineered to protect critical data under the most challenging conditions. The Bobcat rugged tablet is powered by the latest Intel Quad Core 1.9GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive. It offers a full suite of enterprise tools for any application. Learn more about the Xplore Bobcat… 
Juniper Allegro 2 – The Juniper Allegro 2 is designed for demanding and data-intensive field applications and is ideal for outdoor or industrial environments. The Allegro 2 is powered by the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 operating system, a 1.0GHz ARM Cortex A8 i.MX53 processor, 512MB RAM, and 8GB flash storage. Learn more about the Juniper Allegro 2…

To check out all of the latest rugged computers, visit Group Mobile’s New Releases Page at

Group Mobile Best Sellers

A selection of our Best Sellers from 2014

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 – The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 rugged tablet offers a flexible user experience while providing critical port connectivity and feature-rich options in a compact size. The Toughpad G1 tablet is powered by the Intel Core i5-4310U 2.0GHz vPro processor, 8GB RAM, and a 128GB solid state drive for incredible speed and performance. Learn more about the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1…
RAM Mounts
– RAM mounting solutions are an affordable and flexible mounting solution for nearly any vehicle.
RAM Mounts offer a ball and joint design that allows the user greater flexibility in positioning the laptop along with greater shock absorption. The steel base and custom fit poles provide an easy to install solution and come with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about RAM Mounts…
Getac S400 – The Getac S400 is one of the most durable semi-rugged notebooks on the market featuring a 14-inch widescreen, sunlight-readable display, a water-resistant keyboard, and an array of connectivity options. The Getac S400 is powered by an Intel® Core™ i3 or optional i5 processor for great speed and performance when using processor-intensive applications. It comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM (expandable to 16GB) and a 500GB shock mounted hard disk drive. Learn more about the Getac S400…
Trimble Juno T41 – The Trimble Juno T41 is a versatile, fully rugged handheld that offers combined feature options to meet specific computing needs in the field: Enhanced GPS, 1D/2D barcode imaging, SmartPhone capability, choice of Windows or Android operating systems, and much more. The Juno T41 handheld is designed to be long-lasting, from the battery to the processor, and to work through demanding situations that would sideline lesser handhelds. Learn more about the Trimble Juno T41…

Motion R12 – The Motion R12 is a sleek and lightweight rugged tablet with innovative accessories designed for efficiency and productivity in public safety, construction, and field service. Equipped with up to the Intel Core i7 vPro processor and optimized for mobility, the 12.5″ R12 tablet is also ideal for a desktop replacement. Learn more about the Motion R12…

Other Rugged Computer Solutions 
Software, mounting, and closeouts
Software Store – The Software Store offers a range of office and multimedia suites, security and utilities programs, general business software, GPS and mapping applications, tablet PC software, and much more. Learn More about the Software Store…
Vehicle Mounts – The Vehicle Mount Store offers the perfect mount solution for your vehicle. Even if your computer is not rugged, our vehicle mounts fit all brands. Learn more about the Vehicle Mount Store…
Closeouts & Special Offers – Occasionally, Group Mobile has overstocks or returns, as well as special sales on rugged computers at unbeatable prices. Learn more about Group Mobile Closeouts and Special Offers…