Xplore iX104 Rugged Tablet PC Under Water

For a limited time, purchase a base model iX104C2 Rugged Tablet PC by Xplore Technologies and save up to $500*.

The iX104C2 is a rugged Tablet PC that was built to military specifications and designed to operate in harsh environments. The ergonomic iX104C2 rugged tablet PC features a rugged magnesium chassis and a patented industrial removable bumper protection system. It has an IP67 Rating and can handle the daily exposures of extreme operating temperatures, drops and shocks and vibration associated with in field and in vehicle use. The iX104C2 is a rugged PC in a mobile flexible form factor that can be used in the office or out in the field.

Check out this great video of the iX104 being dropped in a sink of water!

Panasonic Toughbook 19 & Toughbook 30 Rugged Laptop Price Drop!

The new technology refresh of the Toughbook 19 and Toughbook 30 is now shipping and for a limited time has a new low introductory price! The new Toughbook 19 convertible and Toughbook 30 laptop has a faster Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, comes standard with 1GB of memory and comes with Windows XP as well as a Windows Vista Certificate of Authenticity (COA), which means that when you are ready for Vista you can upgrade for free! This low promotional price runs out March 31st, so place your order today!

What good is a notebook you can use everywhere if you can’t see the screen everywhere?

The General Dynamics Itronix GoBook VR-2 Semi Rugged laptop just won two awards for its new DynaVue technology. Military and Aerospace Electronics gave the GoBook VR-2 the Editors Choice 5 star award stating that “The DynaVue touchscreen display technology does not rely on adding light to improve visibility but focuses rather on a light-filtering technology that improves contrast ratio, color, sharpness and detail.” LAPTOP also gave the GoBook VR-2 the best laptop of the year award stating “General Dynamics Itronix answers that challenge with the GoBook VR-2, which incorporates groundbreaking DynaVue display technology for the best outdoor readability we’ve seen on any laptop. By cleverly bumping up the contrast ratio and balancing it with the right amount of brightness, workers can use the VR-2’s 13.3-inch touchscreen even in direct sunlight.”

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New Panasonic Toughbook 7-Series Business Rugged Laptops

Panasonic Toughbook just announced three new business rugged laptops designed to meet the demands of mobile executives, walking workers and road warriors: the ultraportable W7, the tablet alternative T7, and the thin-and-light Y7. All three of these computers come standard with all of the latest and greatest technology such as Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Bluetooth and integrated wireless. What’s even more amazing is that these units weigh less than 4lbs and have up to 9 hours of battery life. All the while having rugged capabilities such as shock mounted hard drives, magnesium alloy casing, spill proof keyboards and can withstand a drop of up to 2.5 feet!

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Xplore iX104 Wildcat Rugged Tablet PC – Only $1,599

The Wildcat was the original version of the iX104. It is now available at a special price (half the price of other Tablet PC’s by Xplore). The rugged iX104 by Xplore Technologies is a fully rugged tablet PC that offers the durability of an IP 67 (vacuum-sealed) rating and performance of an Intel Centrino processor. This Rully Rugged Tablet PC comes standard with a 10.4” indoor screen. It features 512MB of Memory, a 40GB Hard Disk Drive and is covered by a 3 Year Warranty. This unit is also certified as Class 1, Division 2 Intrinsically Safe (HazLoc).

The iX104 Wildcat is available at this extraordinary price while supplies last. Please Note: the Wildcat does not have wireless capability.

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Introducing the OQO Semi Rugged Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)

…And it only weighs 1 Pound!
Group Mobile just added the new OQO Semi Rugged UMPC to its line card. This new product is a full blown computer that runs on Windows XP or Vista in a compact 6″x3″ UMPC form factor, weighing only one pound! The OQO comes standard with a 5″ wide screen display, shock mounted hard drive, 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth. The OQO is also encased in a magnesium alloy chassis making it stronger than the commercial UMPC’s on the market.

Starting at $1,290

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Total Cost of Ownership – Rugged Mobile Computers

In the Long Run, Do Rugged Computers Cost Less Than Regular Laptops?

A recent study published by Venture Development Corporation (VDC), an independent market research and strategy-consulting firm stated that “mobile device end users lost an average of 75 minutes of productivity each time the device failed. With the average device failing as many as 20 times per year, that can translate into as much as $4,000 in lost revenues per employee per year”. This study also found that the average annual failure rate for non-rugged notebooks was estimated at approximately 30% while annual failure rates for rugged notebooks were less than one-third the non-rugged rate, or approximately 9%. For more on this study, contact Group Mobile at gm-marketing@groupmobile.com and request that the TCO Study be sent to you.