Why First Responders Rely on Rugged Computers

Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians benefit from the durability and functionalities of rugged laptops and tablets in the face of critical situations.

First responders are trained to stay calm and take charge in moments when others are reacting from a state of shock and confusion. The ways in which first responders, like police officers, EMTs, and firefighters, communicate with one another and with dispatchers requires consistent protocol and reliability, often with the understanding that their actions make the difference between life and death. Just as civilians rely on first responders to handle complicated and dangerous situations, those who respond to emergencies rely on effective and durable gear and devices.

Transportability is key, wherein lies the complications of relying on technology not capable of withstanding emergent environments. Rugged computers offer quality solutions to the most common of issues public safety professionals face when utilizing technology in the field. The longevity of rugged computers ensures dependability, and has the potential to save first response teams money in the long run.

Here are the top reasons emergency personnel depend on rugged laptops and tablets:


Seemingly the most obvious benefit of rugged computers is that they are, in fact, rugged. First response teams are working in fast-paced environments where the possibility of dropping a computer is higher than usual. The reality of exposing a laptop or tablet to typically damaging substances for technology is also likely. Rugged tablets, like the Xplore XSLATE B10, are engineered to withstand five feet drops on the hardest of surfaces, vehicle vibrations, and exposure to heavy rain and blowing sand. Backlit keyboards and bright screens make it easier for users to see clearly, despite weather or debris.

Whether public safety professionals choose to mount computers in emergency vehicles, or carry them on-site, they can work without worry of damaging the technology they turn to.

Data Storage and Management

Rugged computers allow firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers to easily access records for pertinent information in the face of an emergency. It also enables these responders to document occurrences in real time or right after the fact in a space that can be instantly accessed by other relevant individuals. Rugged tablets and laptops are capable of large storage, and are built to protect important data in demanding conditions.

Reliable Communication and Connectivity

Whereas most people have come to take groundbreaking technology, like GPS, for granted, first responders utilize these tools for uninterrupted communication and reliable connectivity to get where they need to go as quickly as possible, and to ensure they have the critical information necessary to operate in accordance with other public safety professionals in any given situation.

Rugged computers typically have an integrated GPS receiver to determine the most efficient route to an incident, Bluetooth® for hands free functionality, and reliable WiFi for ongoing connectivity. Another impressive feature is lengthy battery life, often staying powered for eight hours at a time.

Useful Tools for Various Applications

Many rugged computers have a variety of options for integrated tools and applications. Different public safety factions can benefit from specific capabilities, like fingerprint scanners, Bluetooth, and real-time data transfer, to help them best perform their duties in the face of dangerous events. The Xplore XSLATE B10, for instance, comes with the standard USB 3.0 and micro SIM card reader, but has upgrade options like a 1D/2D scanner.

If you’re looking for rugged computers and solutions to outfit your team of first responders, contact us for guidance on determining laptop versus tablet, the most suitable applications, and useful accessories.




Advantages of Rugged Medical Computers in Healthcare

The importance of rugged technology within a healthcare environment should not go underestimated. Providing workers with technology that helps to improve both the patient and worker experience while providing safe, clean and secure technology should be of the utmost importance. Group Mobile’s Healthcare solutions can provide you with beginning to end rugged technology and implementation for your medical environment.

Healthcare workers aim to spend their time providing the highest quality patient care possible for their hospital or other medical facility. In order to do so they need to be able to spend more time with their patients, rather than with antiquated data entry processes or technology that doesn’t work for their needs. That’s where rugged medical computers or Medical Clinical Assistants (MCA) come in. Manufacturers have been releasing lighter, more durable computers than can stand environments where harsh cleaners and liquids are common.

Top Features for Rugged Medical Computers

  • Lightweight with an ergonomic design
  • Advanced connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gobi 3g, and GPS)
  • Improved input functionality (built-in cameras, barcode readers, RFID scanners, etc.)

Superior Connectivity

Rugged computers provide the best technology for medical professionals seeking advanced connectivity. Whether you’re in a hospital or remote medical facility, being able to quickly connect to the internet to access records, medical databases, or communication channels is extremely important.

Gobi 4G technology allows practitioners to get online anywhere with a 4G cell network. Computers with the Gobi technology have the ability to connect to several networks, for as close to a guaranteed connection as you will get today. Users no longer have to be worried about being out of network for their carrier, like Verizon or AT&T. Gobi users are able to connect to either network in the US as well as over 350 other networks from Austria to Yemen. The Getac rx10h is a fantastic option for healthcare professionals and offers optional Gobi mobile broadband.


Seamless Medical and Patient Data Storage

Healthcare professionals can easily have access to electronic medical records (EMR) in different patient care areas with the help of rugged computers. As a result, medical organizations are able to decrease the amount of inaccuracies, human errors and loss of patient information that happens with the paper-keeping system.  Rugged technology also allows for doctors or nurses to take notes, write prescriptions or enter other pertinent patient information right at the point of care. The DT Research DT313’s integrated capabilities like built-in SmartCard/CAC reader, 2D barcode scanner, NFC reader and mobile broadband make it a robust solution for information capture within the healthcare industry.

Efficient Inventory Management

Keeping inventory lists up to date is important when it comes to patient treatment and care. If a doctor can see when a medicine is out of stock, they can quickly adjust their treatment plan right from the point of care. This type of technology can also help in tracking highly regulated drugs that can be abused or wrongly prescribed. Computers can log inventory and track a certain drug’s history with a patient, eliminating human error.

Simplified Communication

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are able to easily communicate by using a mobile technology solution. Teams can easily collaborate in real time on a patient’s treatment without having to make multiple notes or trips to the patient’s medical record, everything is in the palm of your hand.


Advanced Patient Training and Guidance

Point of care computers allow medical professionals to easily communicate or demonstrate treatments, surgeries or other important details to patients. Providing patients with simple, visual demonstrations can help them to make the best decisions regarding their treatment or plan of healthcare.

Contact us today to learn more about the right solution for your organization.

Rugged Tablet Solutions for Forklifts

When you’re working in a harsh environment, it can impact the type of equipment and technology you are able to use. Creating streamlined technology services and solutions that provide safe and durable functionality for harsh environments is our specialty. Check out our rugged tablet solutions for forklifts.

Traditionally, forklift computers have been in a stationary position. This has prevented operators from completing tasks where they need to mobile. Being able to un-dock and carry the technology to your point of work provides an ease of use and increased efficiency for the forklift operator. That’s where Group Mobile’s rugged tablets come in.

Featured Tablets

Getac F110

Featuring a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, the Getac F110 has 4GB RAM (expandable to 8GB), and a 128GB solid state drive (upgrade to 256GB or 512GB solid state drives available). This fully rugged tablet also features built in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 to keep workers connected. Use the hot-swappable batteries for endless power supply without needing to shut down applications or the operating system.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2

This fully rugged, yet lightweight tablet is an ideal solution for forklifts. The Toughpad FZ-A2 features 4GB of Ram and 32GB of onboard storage. The tablet weighs in at just under two pounds, making it an ideal pick for those requiring easy portability in more demanding environments.

Select one of three integrated configurations each equipped with optional features:

  • Integrated barcode reader – ideal for warehouse and distribution applications
  • Smart Card Reader for enhanced security
  • Additional USB port for increased device connectivity

Mounting Your Rugged Tablet


Most forklift operators prefer their tablet to be mounted at either eye-level or overhead for ease of use. We provide multiple mounting solutions to ensure we find the best fit for you. Our forklift mounting solutions include products from Havis, Gamber-Johnson, RAM and more.

Here are some of our rugged tablet mounts for forklifts available now:

Forklift Mount: Clam Shell with Large Plate

RAM Forklift Mounting Kit

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Our selection of rugged tablets provides the very best in weather proof materials for both indoor and outdoor use. Tablets like the Getac F110 protect against dirt, dust, water, motion, vibration, temperature and other factors that could easily damage a commercial-grade tablet. If you are in an environment where you may interact with explosives, we’ve got tablets to handle that as well.

Once you’ve selected your rugged tablet, contact us to make sure you’re set up with the mounts and power adaptors that will work best for your solution. Having trouble selecting which rugged tablet or mounting system is best? We can help with that too.

Rugged Accessories for Your Rugged Device

There are plenty of accessories to choose from, but here are a few of our accessories that will help make your daily job tasks easier and ensure that your rugged device keeps up with all your needs.

You’ve selected the rugged device that will work best for you: a tablet or laptop that’s tough enough to handle everything you do across the course of your daily job responsibilities. Now, you need the accessories that will go along with it: the additional tools that will make it possible for you to handle your daily job tasks as easily on the road as you do in the safety and comfort of a traditional office. There are plenty of accessories to choose from, but here are a few of our accessories that will help make your daily job tasks easier and ensure that your rugged device keeps up with all your needs.

Rugged Keyboard

Versatility is a necessity in rugged industries. With detachable keyboards you can transform your tablet to a laptop in just seconds. When you’re finished with your project you can simply detach the keyboard and return to your tablet; making rugged keyboards an accessory essential for the rugged industry.

Here are our some of our rugged keyboard available now:
Getac F110 Detachable Keyboard
iKey Rugged Bluetooth Keyboard for Xplore Tablets
DT Research Detachable Keyboard


Tired of holding your rugged tablet or rugged computer? A shoulder strap allows you to have the ease of having your rugged device accessible when you’re in a hands-on environment.

Here are our some of our shoulder straps available now:
Getac F110 & V110 Shoulder Strap
Xplore Adjustable Shoulder Strap
DT Research Tablet Shoulder Strap

Hot Swappable Batteries

When you’re on the go, you want your device to keep going no matter where you are, and that includes those times when you don’t have access to docking stations and chargers. Hot swappable batteries can make a huge difference in your device’s functionality when you’re out on the road, making it easier than ever for you to use your device when you need it most.

Here are our some of our hot swappable batteries available now:
Getac F110 Spare Hot-Swappable Battery
Xplore External Second Battery for Bobcat & XSLATE D10
DT Research Battery Pack


Once you’ve selected your rugged device, make sure that you have the accessories that will work best with it to make your work day run smoother. Contact us today to discuss the accessories your job requires in order to make the most of your rugged laptop or tablet, to learn how these devices can help increase your productivity, or to be sure that you’re choosing the accessories that are best for your devices.

Group Mobile to Attend the Alabama Automotive Conference — Rugged Mobile Technology for the Manufacturing Floor

Rugged mobile devices implemented into the manufacturing floor room will increase quality control, keep suppliers accountable for compliance issues, provide workers with real-time information allowing for timely and well-informed decisions, plus add a layer of protection and safety to your customers.

Do you want to boost productivity and quality control in your manufacturing facility? Rugged mobile devices implemented into the manufacturing floor room will increase quality control, keep suppliers accountable for compliance issues, provide workers with real-time information allowing for timely and well-informed decisions, plus add a layer of protection and safety to your customers.

Rugged Computers for Manufacturing

Whether your work takes place in an indoor factory handling assembly, repair, and maintenance, or an outdoor site, your computing needs go beyond normal. Manufacturing floors require resiliency, mobility, and the ruggedness to withstand the demands of a manufacturing environment.

The average laptop, desktop, or mobile PC cannot handle the environmental hazards of a manufacturing workplace or the vibrations generated by manufacturing equipment–forklifts, heavy machinery, and power tools. In addition, a manufacturing environment isn’t always the most convenient location for the IT department, so you better have something that won’t stop working.

Why a Rugged Computer for Manufacturing?

In a manufacturing environment, being careful with the equipment just isn’t good enough. Exposure to dusty air, extreme temperature fluctuations, powerful vibrations, chemicals, drops, and the many other things that afflict the average computer in a manufacturing job site plague even the most careful equipment handlers. Certain hazards are simply unavoidable.

But avoiding hazards is only part of the solution for providing durable computers in a rugged environment. You also need your computers to have constant access to real-time data and the capacity to integrate with applications and networks, so you can identify and communicate with automated manufacturing stations within the manufacturing network.

USB connectors, RFID readers, and bar code scanners need to function seamlessly with rugged computing devices so you can manage parts installation and inspection, collect data for compliance reporting, track inventory and assets, and mobilize workflow.

Rugged Mobile Computing for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry

All manufacturing facilities carry a certain amount of pressure. Companies that manufacture defective merchandise soon go out of business and often find themselves in court fending off lawsuits.

Lack of manufacturing precision in the aerospace and aviation industry produces disastrous results. Aviation and aerospace manufacturers deliver the most sophisticated and automated aircraft ever. And those life or death designs and calculations often depend on the dependability of your computing devices. In short, you don’t manufacture advanced airplanes and components without using the most advanced equipment.

With the right rugged device you can increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness with highly flexible mobile workflows powered by technology. From initial testing to takeoff, manufacturers of all sizes involve themselves with design implementation, maintenance and repair, frame inspections, electrical systems testing, communications testing, safety compliance, and myriad other operations that those outside of manufacturing do not understand.

Having the right people on the right device to manage and coordinate workflow is necessary.

Rugged Mobile Computing for Auto Manufacturers

Consumers demand more reliability and safety with their automobiles. Other than driver competence, nothing contributes more to the safety of automobiles than automobile manufacturers. Manufacturers, therefore, require technology that helps provide the reliability consumers demand.

In addition, automobile manufacturers must provide fuel-efficient, technologically advanced vehicles in order to compete. Regardless of your role in the automotive manufacturing and supply chain, you’re under a lot of pressure.

Plant production managers, assembly line operators, and auto manufacturing inspectors require and demand unlimited access to data at all hours. They require data from electronic user manuals, work orders, repair tickets, and shipping labels. Paperless rugged mobile computing devices and networks are the best way to deliver real-time data, schedule parts delivery, and track quality.

Rugged Computing Benefits

Regardless of what you manufacture, maintain, or repair, the right rugged computing devices provide numerous benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Durability and Dependability
  • Streamlined Manufacturing Floor Processes
  • Paperless Factories
  • Accelerated Delivery of Information
  • Refined Maintenance Planning
  • Improved Workforce Scheduling
  • Improved Incident Management
  • Greater Access to User Manuals
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Better Documentation
  • Greater Mobility
  • Quicker Documentation

When it comes to mobile computing in manufacturing, you need devices as rugged as the people who make a living doing rugged things.

Group Mobile specializes in providing a perfectly customized mobile solution for every customer. Contact a sales professional today for more information.


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5 Reasons You Need a Rugged Mobile Printer

If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

If you take your business on the go with you, you may already have experienced many of the benefits of rugged mobile devices. A rugged computer that’s tough enough to handle being bounced around in your truck all day, a rugged tablet that you can safely use in the rain, or a rugged handheld that doesn’t quit just because it bounced out of your hand and landed face-down on the sidewalk are incredibly useful. If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

Rugged Printers Make Creating Paperwork Easy

There are rugged mobile printers that are designed to handle all of your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re printing out a work order for a client to sign before you leave a work site or you need a printer that can print a receipt or tickets, there’s a rugged printer designed with your needs in mind. Many things have gone digital, but there’s still paperwork involved in your business. Rugged printers make creating that paperwork easy!

Speed and Quality are Increasing

Just a few years ago, a printer rugged enough to be used in the field meant a slow, clunky printer that offered poor quality at best. Today’s rugged printers, however, are rapidly increasing in quality. Now, you can expect to create everything from neat documents that print at a perfectly reasonable speed to full-color printouts that allow everyone to see every detail of the page.

Small Size Allows for More Equipment

You don’t need yet another clunky piece of equipment taking up vitally necessary space in your vehicle. Thankfully, today’s mobile printers are designed to be compact. They’ll fit neatly in the center console of your vehicle or tuck in with the rest of your equipment, allowing you to carry your rugged printer without having to sacrifice other necessary equipment.

Set Up and Use Your Printer Fast

The convenience of a printer that can go wherever you can is quickly outweighed if it takes an hour to get it set up. Thankfully, as more rugged printers hit the market, it’s becoming easier than ever to set up and use your printer. Within a matter of minutes, you can have your printer connected to your rugged mobile device and ready to use. It’s a simple process that will have you handing over important paper documentation to your clients, your coworkers, and anyone else who needs that critical information in a quick, timely manner.

Enjoy the Confidence that Your Printer Will Last

Portable printers shouldn’t be a regular line item in your budget. Instead, choose a portable printer that’s designed to be rugged–that is, a printer that is as tough as the rest of your devices and able to withstand all the conditions you face every day. From weather protection that will keep your printer functioning in spite of the fact that you’re using it outside to drop protection and more, rugged printers are designed to be used as hard as the rest of your equipment, making them a critical addition to your kit. Don’t settle for a printer that has to be replaced constantly because it’s not tough enough to handle it. Instead, choose a rugged printer that’s up to handling all your needs.

Your job demands rugged equipment, and we’re here to make sure that you have exactly the printers, scanners, and mobile devices you need in order to get your job done every day. Contact us today to learn more about the devices we carry and how they can transform your work day, your efficiency, and your budget.


Rugged Laptop or Rugged Tablet — How to Decide on the Right Mobile Computer for Law Enforcement

Whether you decide to implement a tablet or laptop solution into your department is completely dependent on the necessary requirements to create a real-time situational awareness crime center for every officer.

We all know how unpredictable and fast-moving law enforcement can be. We can all recall the days when officers carried handhelds the size of a brick, cell phones were an expensive status symbol, no inter-connectivity to personnel was available, and long trips back to the station to input the day’s data entry was a tedious and dreaded task. Who could have predicted the law enforcement workflow of the future — reliable and continual communication, instant access to critical records, GPS guidance, e-citations, fingerprint authentication readers, smartcard and magnetic card readers, body-worn cameras, in-vehicle printing, on-scene incident reporting, barcode and RFID readers, automatic license plate readers, and law enforcement oriented apps and software — these advancements have made it possible for officers to have a real-time crime center. Whether you decide to implement a tablet or laptop solution into your department is completely dependent on the necessary requirements to create a real-time situational awareness crime center for every officer.

Within the past five years’ tablets have become an evolving form factor, some pledging the case for tablets becoming the mobile computing tool of the future for law enforcement, gaining momentum into the market so strongly laptops are being thrown into the abyss of the past. However, opinions differ on whether a tablet can outperform the old tried and trusted mobile workstations via a laptop or notebook, as both have their individual advantages. Keep reading on to discover the advantages of both mobile solutions — tablets and laptops for law enforcement.

The Pros of Rugged Tablet Solutions

Why should you choose a rugged tablet solution for your department? The choice between equipping your workforce with laptops or tablets is dependent upon whether officers are in a patrol car, at a desk, on foot, or in the office. Do officers want to take the device outside of the vehicle? Tablets are a highly effective tool for police motorcycles which can be mounted on handle bars or in the saddle bag, as well as patrol cars, SWAT teams and investigators. Detectives can use rugged tablets to take on-scene film footage and images without requiring expensive digital cameras to capture evidence.

Tablets are light weight and small enough for handheld use and take up minimal space inside police vehicles. Specialized uses for tablets include signature captures, barcode scanning for ID verification and VIN number scanning, field interview creation, evidence photography, plus the ability to exit a vehicle while filming real-time video of emergency situations to properly assess the requested resources for dispatch. Officers can take a tablet from the vehicle to the street and back to the office to be docked and used as a desktop PC — this seamless transition is the definition of true mobile computing. In the past, display real estate has been an issue with officers using tablets for their main computing solution but today tablet screen size has become comparable to the laptop or notebook and even offer digitized screens for glove-touch and sunlight viewability. What about data entry? Many rugged tablets have backlit companion keyboards that seamlessly snap-on or bolt-on for quick typing ability. Rugged tablets are a practical solution offering complete mobility allowing for routine work to be more streamlined in the field, an imperative element in creating intelligent, real-time crime centers.

 The Pros of Rugged Laptop Solutions

Not every rugged laptop is created equal and this is especially true when deciding which laptop solution to implement into your department. Many rugged laptops are purpose built for public safety and offer touchscreens for tapping and zooming, stylus pens for signatures and on-screen entry, a thin and light design, and ergonomic features such as swivel screens to be viewed by individuals both on the driver and passenger sides of the car.

What about removing the device from the vehicle? Many officers never remove their device from the police vehicle and when given the choice, would rather not. When a mobile device is removed from the vehicle such as a rugged tablet the chance of the device being broken, driven over, stolen or misplaced is highly likely. When this happens, the device must be replaced which can be very costly over time. An important aspect of a law enforcement laptop or notebook is the proper vehicle mounting solution. The last thing an officer needs is a large bulky computer impeding the process and increasing risk. Vehicle docking stations and consoles keep rugged laptops charged and ready to go while providing shock absorption and stability. Rugged laptops will continue to evolve aiming to make jobs more efficient and productive — we see this today in the adoption of the two-in-one hybrid notebook which can be used as a laptop or tablet. For those who need the stability of a laptop, yet the light weight flexible form factor of a tablet, a two-in-one device may be the right solution for your department.

When the time comes to implement new and advanced technology whether it be a tablet, laptop or a two-in-one device, police computers must be durable, high performing, easy to use with custom features and options, along with a realistic price point — an equation for value and return on investment.

The mobile solutions experts at Group Mobile work with police departments nationwide and can assist you in determining the best equipment for your application and budget.