How Telecom and Utility Companies Are Harnessing New Mobility Tools

Rugged mobile technology is helping technicians and field works eliminate paper and make way for more efficient and collaborative processes.

Until recently, telecom and utility companies have heavily relied on paper recordkeeping systems to track all fieldwork. Even with the advancements in computer technology throughout the past few decades, the lack of mobility for computers kept field workers on paper. Regardless of whether technicians and field workers input all information into a computer after the fact, submit paperwork into a filing system, or create and maintain their own organization system, a great deal of time and resources are allocated to organizing and/or transcribing information. By eliminating paper, hours of tedious data entry can be avoided.

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5 Ways To Use Rugged, Long-Range Scanners In Warehouses

Learn how outfitting your team with long-range scanners will increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and ultimately save you money.

Malfunctioning and issue-laden scanners can wreak havoc on warehouse productivity. If your team’s scanners are constantly running low on battery, for instance, the time it takes for them to seek out and change the batteries before getting back to the task at handsets timelines back. Now imagine that occurring to multiple workers throughout the day. It all adds up. And this is just one of the ways in which a poorly functioning scanner can negatively impact warehouse work rates.

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Rugged Healthcare Solutions

Rugged technology solutions ensure improved efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety within hospitals and clinics. Is your organization leveraging the necessary tools and applications?

Typical healthcare system snafus, like erroneous information on medical records, additional treatments required due to sample errors, and insufficient means of communication amongst staff, cost hospitals hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Not only are these errors costly, but they’re also dangerous.

Maintaining the accuracy of documents, inventory, and patient charts in a bustling, fast-paced hospital environment is a challenging task. That’s why it’s important for administrators, doctors, and nurses to lean on equipment, tools, and applications that streamline processes and provide real-time data. Rugged technology transforms healthcare delivery by providing solutions to complex problems, from inventory management to patient tracking.

We’ve rounded up the tops ways in which rugged healthcare solutions support hospitals and clinics in giving the best patient care possible.

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Solving The Biggest Warehouse Management Problems with Rugged Mobile Technology

With the right tools and mobile tech, warehouse management becomes more productive, efficient, and accurate.

Warehouses are the unsung heroes of facilitating today’s in-demand consumer expectations, especially as e-commerce fulfillment increases throughout the holiday season. Warehouse and distribution center employees, however, can only move product as quickly and accurately as warehouse procedures support. Additionally, customers must have the ability to trace and account for all ordered items online. Minor missteps on warehouse floors can cause major and negative impacts on the supply chain.

Given the demand for efficient warehouse procedures across multiple industries, it’s imperative for warehouse management to consistently ensure accuracy, visibility, and real-time customer service. To achieve this, warehouse managers need the right tools and strategies to battle the biggest, and most common, warehouse management obstacles.

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How In-Vehicle Technology is Driving Changes in Policing

The in-vehicle connectivity from mobile gateways and routers changes, and improves, how police officers communicate and respond to situations.

Historically, policing has evolved as officers have taken advantage of new technologies. In-vehicle connectivity, which supports machine-to-machine communications and connected devices, is the most recent technology to drive changes amongst police forces. The connectivity leveraged via in-vehicle gateways and routers allows for multiple wireless devices to gain access to first-response specific applications.

Though law enforcement can expect a myriad of benefits from this advanced connectivity, we’ve broken down a few applications most useful while in the field and driving the most change amongst police officers.

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From Enterprise to the Small-Medium Businesses: Meeting the Demands of a Mobile Workforce

Meeting the demands of the mobile workforce is more important than ever. Group Mobile understands the unique complexity for successful deployment.

Today’s mobile workforce relies on the versatility, reliability, and security of their devices. Employers from all over the globe recognize that a job or project can be easily thwarted by a technical issue that can cause many hours, even days of delays. In the current mobile economy, it is now more important than ever to have a mobile device that can be relied upon in every situation and environment.

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A Review of the New Getac EX80 Fully Rugged Tablet

Certified for use in hazardous and explosive environments, the EX80 is built to withstand the harshest conditions.

The new Getac EX80 tablet is fully rugged, MIL-STD 810G, ATEX / IECEx Zone 0, and IP67 certified for use in hazardous and potentially explosive work environments. Suffice to say, this tablet was built tough. Designed for a variety of hazardous spaces, workers can rely on this mobile device regardless of the temperature, exposure to debris, and more. The EX80 is intrinsically safe and anti-static, meaning the tablet was designed to keep temperatures low and prevent sparks. This is absolutely paramount for hazardous work environments, where ignitions could be easily caused. An investment in intrinsically safe technology is an investment in safety and injury prevention.

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