5 Reasons You Need a Rugged Mobile Printer

If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

If you take your business on the go with you, you may already have experienced many of the benefits of rugged mobile devices. A rugged computer that’s tough enough to handle being bounced around in your truck all day, a rugged tablet that you can safely use in the rain, or a rugged handheld that doesn’t quit just because it bounced out of your hand and landed face-down on the sidewalk are incredibly useful. If you frequently find yourself needing to transfer documentation from your mobile device to paper, however, there’s one more piece of equipment you need: a rugged mobile printer.

Rugged Printers Make Creating Paperwork Easy

There are rugged mobile printers that are designed to handle all of your needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re printing out a work order for a client to sign before you leave a work site or you need a printer that can print a receipt or tickets, there’s a rugged printer designed with your needs in mind. Many things have gone digital, but there’s still paperwork involved in your business. Rugged printers make creating that paperwork easy!

Speed and Quality are Increasing

Just a few years ago, a printer rugged enough to be used in the field meant a slow, clunky printer that offered poor quality at best. Today’s rugged printers, however, are rapidly increasing in quality. Now, you can expect to create everything from neat documents that print at a perfectly reasonable speed to full-color printouts that allow everyone to see every detail of the page.

Small Size Allows for More Equipment

You don’t need yet another clunky piece of equipment taking up vitally necessary space in your vehicle. Thankfully, today’s mobile printers are designed to be compact. They’ll fit neatly in the center console of your vehicle or tuck in with the rest of your equipment, allowing you to carry your rugged printer without having to sacrifice other necessary equipment.

Set Up and Use Your Printer Fast

The convenience of a printer that can go wherever you can is quickly outweighed if it takes an hour to get it set up. Thankfully, as more rugged printers hit the market, it’s becoming easier than ever to set up and use your printer. Within a matter of minutes, you can have your printer connected to your rugged mobile device and ready to use. It’s a simple process that will have you handing over important paper documentation to your clients, your coworkers, and anyone else who needs that critical information in a quick, timely manner.

Enjoy the Confidence that Your Printer Will Last

Portable printers shouldn’t be a regular line item in your budget. Instead, choose a portable printer that’s designed to be rugged–that is, a printer that is as tough as the rest of your devices and able to withstand all the conditions you face every day. From weather protection that will keep your printer functioning in spite of the fact that you’re using it outside to drop protection and more, rugged printers are designed to be used as hard as the rest of your equipment, making them a critical addition to your kit. Don’t settle for a printer that has to be replaced constantly because it’s not tough enough to handle it. Instead, choose a rugged printer that’s up to handling all your needs.

Your job demands rugged equipment, and we’re here to make sure that you have exactly the printers, scanners, and mobile devices you need in order to get your job done every day. Contact us today to learn more about the devices we carry and how they can transform your work day, your efficiency, and your budget.


Benefits of Rugged Smartphones & Why You Want to Make the Investment!

Rugged smartphones can work in extreme external conditions and thus are ideal for professionals such as police and fire, miners, construction and utility workers, scientists, hunters, geo-scientists, agriculturists and many more.

Is your office the great outdoors? Are you frequently dropping, scratching and breaking your consumer smartphone? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider taking the rugged smartphone route!

Why would you want a rugged smartphone? For starters, there are many associated benefits when adopting rugged smartphones including massive cost savings, enhanced device flexibility and an improved worker experience. Rugged smartphones will work in extreme external conditions and thus are ideal for professionals such as police and fire, miners, construction and utility workers, hunters, geo-scientists, agriculturists and many more. Lastly, there is a lot to be said about safety– personal safety, the ability to call for help when you need it no matter what situation you’re in — is to many, the most important aspect of a ruggedized phone.

Why should you make the investment? Consumer smartphones can look like the more cost-effective option compared with ruggedized devices due to their low initial purchase price. However, when the potential costs of worker downtime, accelerated replacement cycles and the support needed for a successful implementation are taken into account, it’s clear to see that the true costs of deploying mobility to support your organization go far beyond the initial purchase price of the device itself. Consumer-grade mobile devices can introduce unforeseen complexities and hidden costs once the initial purchase has been made. All in all, although your initial purchase price may be higher with a rugged smartphone, the softer operational costs will be much lower with an application-rich, purpose-built device, thus making your TCO significantly lower and guaranteeing a return on investment delivering far more business value in the long run.

Another notable benefit of rugged smartphones are the unique features not found on consumer grade devices such as Push-to-Talk, thermal camera, exceptionally powerful batteries for long days in the field, shatter-proof display, capacitive touchscreen and a large selection of rugged accessories.

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