Group Mobile to Attend the Alabama Automotive Conference — Rugged Mobile Technology for the Manufacturing Floor

Rugged mobile devices implemented into the manufacturing floor room will increase quality control, keep suppliers accountable for compliance issues, provide workers with real-time information allowing for timely and well-informed decisions, plus add a layer of protection and safety to your customers.

Do you want to boost productivity and quality control in your manufacturing facility? Rugged mobile devices implemented into the manufacturing floor room will increase quality control, keep suppliers accountable for compliance issues, provide workers with real-time information allowing for timely and well-informed decisions, plus add a layer of protection and safety to your customers.

Rugged Computers for Manufacturing

Whether your work takes place in an indoor factory handling assembly, repair, and maintenance, or an outdoor site, your computing needs go beyond normal. Manufacturing floors require resiliency, mobility, and the ruggedness to withstand the demands of a manufacturing environment.

The average laptop, desktop, or mobile PC cannot handle the environmental hazards of a manufacturing workplace or the vibrations generated by manufacturing equipment–forklifts, heavy machinery, and power tools. In addition, a manufacturing environment isn’t always the most convenient location for the IT department, so you better have something that won’t stop working.

Why a Rugged Computer for Manufacturing?

In a manufacturing environment, being careful with the equipment just isn’t good enough. Exposure to dusty air, extreme temperature fluctuations, powerful vibrations, chemicals, drops, and the many other things that afflict the average computer in a manufacturing job site plague even the most careful equipment handlers. Certain hazards are simply unavoidable.

But avoiding hazards is only part of the solution for providing durable computers in a rugged environment. You also need your computers to have constant access to real-time data and the capacity to integrate with applications and networks, so you can identify and communicate with automated manufacturing stations within the manufacturing network.

USB connectors, RFID readers, and bar code scanners need to function seamlessly with rugged computing devices so you can manage parts installation and inspection, collect data for compliance reporting, track inventory and assets, and mobilize workflow.

Rugged Mobile Computing for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry

All manufacturing facilities carry a certain amount of pressure. Companies that manufacture defective merchandise soon go out of business and often find themselves in court fending off lawsuits.

Lack of manufacturing precision in the aerospace and aviation industry produces disastrous results. Aviation and aerospace manufacturers deliver the most sophisticated and automated aircraft ever. And those life or death designs and calculations often depend on the dependability of your computing devices. In short, you don’t manufacture advanced airplanes and components without using the most advanced equipment.

With the right rugged device you can increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness with highly flexible mobile workflows powered by technology. From initial testing to takeoff, manufacturers of all sizes involve themselves with design implementation, maintenance and repair, frame inspections, electrical systems testing, communications testing, safety compliance, and myriad other operations that those outside of manufacturing do not understand.

Having the right people on the right device to manage and coordinate workflow is necessary.

Rugged Mobile Computing for Auto Manufacturers

Consumers demand more reliability and safety with their automobiles. Other than driver competence, nothing contributes more to the safety of automobiles than automobile manufacturers. Manufacturers, therefore, require technology that helps provide the reliability consumers demand.

In addition, automobile manufacturers must provide fuel-efficient, technologically advanced vehicles in order to compete. Regardless of your role in the automotive manufacturing and supply chain, you’re under a lot of pressure.

Plant production managers, assembly line operators, and auto manufacturing inspectors require and demand unlimited access to data at all hours. They require data from electronic user manuals, work orders, repair tickets, and shipping labels. Paperless rugged mobile computing devices and networks are the best way to deliver real-time data, schedule parts delivery, and track quality.

Rugged Computing Benefits

Regardless of what you manufacture, maintain, or repair, the right rugged computing devices provide numerous benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Durability and Dependability
  • Streamlined Manufacturing Floor Processes
  • Paperless Factories
  • Accelerated Delivery of Information
  • Refined Maintenance Planning
  • Improved Workforce Scheduling
  • Improved Incident Management
  • Greater Access to User Manuals
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Better Documentation
  • Greater Mobility
  • Quicker Documentation

When it comes to mobile computing in manufacturing, you need devices as rugged as the people who make a living doing rugged things.

Group Mobile specializes in providing a perfectly customized mobile solution for every customer. Contact a sales professional today for more information.


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Best Fully Rugged Laptops of 2016!

We all know how we treat our laptops — thrown into bags, used as coasters, and shoved into the hands of children to watch a movie. However, as badly as regular people treat their devices, it’s nothing compared to the punishment dished out to laptops by police, military, field service workers, and the like. Keep reading on to find out our choice of best selling fully rugged laptops in 2016 — these rugged laptops are sure to keep any operation in full swing no matter the environment.


We all know how we treat our laptops — thrown into bags, used as coasters, and shoved into the hands of children to watch a movie. However, as badly as regular people treat their devices, it’s nothing compared to the punishment dished out to laptops by police, military, field service workers, and the like. Keep reading on to find out our choice of best selling fully rugged laptops in 2016 — these rugged laptops are sure to keep any operation in full swing no matter the environment.

Rugged laptops are built for much more than just surviving stress tests, these purpose-built durable laptops are equipped to survive the roughest and harshest of environments. The following list of best selling fully rugged laptops will offer many custom features not found on consumer laptops today. You might be wondering what factors play in determining a laptop is rugged or not, here are some of the advanced features only found in ruggedized PCs: Water Resistance — a measure in performance ability of a rugged laptop upon exposure to different moisture and water levels. Shock Resistance — a drop surface defined as a plywood 2-inch thick over a steel plate, drop distance is 36 inches. After every drop, laptops are inspected and a function check is performed after each drop. Temperature Resistance — from extreme heat to arctic conditions these fully rugged laptops will perform without hesitation. Vibration Resistance — fully rugged laptops are regularly used around other equipment and in vehicles, therefore, they are capable of standing up to continuous vibration. Spills and Dust — the ports and modules on fully rugged laptops are all sealed behind hinged door or flaps, and the keyboards are sealed by a membrane that’s fully waterproof. Keep reading below to view Group Mobile’s choice of the Best Fully Rugged Laptops of 2016!

Getac B300b300-frontkey_rev_win10

The Getac B300 delivers maximum performance and comprehensive security for the most extreme, mission-critical environments.  Ideal for military personnel, law enforcement and field technicians, the B300 is Getac’s most rugged laptop.  The Getac B300 uses Intel’s 6th generation Skylake Core i7 processor to increase computer and GPU performance while reducing power consumption. Dual hot swappable batteries provide up to 30 hours between charges and potentially infinite battery life.  The 13.3” touchscreen display is Getac’s brightest screen at 1400 nits and provides ample screen size for applications with minimal scrolling. Learn more about the Getac B300…

Panasonic Toughbook 31tb31-clamshell-left

The Panasonic Toughbook 31 is an undisputed leader in its class of fully rugged laptops. The CF-31 fully rugged notebook has an Intel Core i5 processor and packs a punch to deliver desktop-class performance and amazing battery life — 18 hours, or 27 hours with optional media bay 2nd battery. This fully rugged Toughbook 31 laptop comes in a tougher-than-nails magnesium alloy case and will withstand being dropped as much as six feet. It has an integrated DVD player and webcam and is fully customizable. This wireless Toughbook is a favorite of EMS, Fire and Police. Learn more about the Panasonic Toughbook 31…

Durabook R8300

The Durabook R8300 fully rugged notebook is purpose-built for extreme environments and “combat-ready”. The 13” fully-rugged notebook R8300 can8300front operate from land to sea,
from hot deserts to freezing terrains ideal for military, public safety, and utility workers. Durabook’s R8300 fully rugged powerhouse is equipped with Intel’s 6th Skylake CPU, and includes the Windows 10 operating system. The R8300 rugged laptop comes with a Super Multi ODD or optional second battery with hot swap support for full day operation in the field. Other features include security protection such as Absolute Computrace, TPM 2.0 and a Kesington lock, and various connectivity options such as Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2, SIM card slot, GPS module, Wi-Fi, Gobi 5000 and more. Learn more about the Durabook R8300 fully rugged laptop… 

See all of the 2016 Best Selling Fully Rugged Laptops…






Exclusive Offer On Motions’s CL920 Rugged Tablet PC – While Supplies Last!

Featuring Motion’s CL920 Ultra-Light, Rugged Tablet!

Motion CL920 Rugged Tablet

Reduce downtime and increase productivity overnight. This sleek CL920 Rugged Tablet PC Platform is a giant leap forward in Motion’s CL-Series with faster processing power, enhanced connectivity, increased durability and superior image capture software. The Motion CL920 is a rugged and lightweight tablet built for mobile business. Running Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional and featuring an Intel® Atom™ Pentium N3540 Quad Core processor, the CL920 rugged tablet provides increased power and performance while maintaining a battery life of up to eight hours.  

The CL920 Rugged Tablet PC withstands the rigors of a tough workday – dust proof and shock-proof for uninterrupted reliability, rain or shine! The speedy CL920 rugged tablet is built around an internal magnesium frame and fortified with Gorilla Glass 3. The CL920 tablet features a signature Motion dot-pattern design for a ruggedized, non-slip surface texture.

The Motion CL920 rugged tablet has a 128GB solid state drive and is equipped with two integrated cameras – a rear-facing 5MP documentation camera and a front-facing 1.3MP web camera. 
Weighing just 1.9 pounds, the lightweight CL920 tablet offers the capabilities, applications, accessories, and connectivity mobile workers depend on for on-the-go productivity and efficiency. Dual touch technology enables workers to use a digitizer pen and touch input. On the wireless side there is a fast 802.11ac WiFi and BlueTooth 4.0, and 4G LTE wireless wide area network.

Additionally, the Motion CL920 rugged tablet is expandable and versatile, with docking and carrying options…. Learn more about the Motion CL920 rugged tablet computer…

Rugged Computer Product User Reviews

We believe that Product User Reviews are extremely valuable to those looking to acquire technology products. For this reason Group Mobile collects and shares user product reviews on our website for all to see. If you use a rugged portable computer, of any make or model, please take a few minutes to complete our four-question Rugged Computer Survey. To read other user reviews, visit To learn more about Group Mobile or to purchase a Rugged Computer, visit or call 866-RUGGED8.


What is MIL-STD (Military Standard) or MIL SPEC (Military Specification) ?

MIL-STD (Military Standard) or MIL SPEC (Military Specification) is a series of performance and manufacturing guidelines set by the US Department of Defense for military and commercial equipment and applications. These guidelines specify allowable parts and environmental condition ranges that a tool or other device must be able to operate in to meet compliance.

Some products will carry a MIL-STD-810E rating and others will state that their rugged notebooks are MIL-STD-810F compliant. The latest, MIL-STD-810G, is a revision of MIL-STD-810F and E. The tests and methods are the same but the results have been re-written to provide clearer direction. MIL-STD-810G testing is for a range of extreme conditions including 72″ drops, shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, rain-, dust- and sand-resistance, temperature extremes and thermal shock. Most rugged manufacturers have switched to providing ruggedness testing information using MIL-STD-810G, but some still cite the older standard.

MIL-STD-810 test method is used to generate confidence in the environmental worthiness and overall durability of material system design. The testing process follows guidelines which include program documentation, program roles, test standards and laboratory test method guidelines for all categories. The laboratory test methods are broken down into 24 categories. Learn More…

Rugged Tablets for Highly Mobile Workers

Motion F5v with Touch

Dual Input Increases Flexibility and Ease of Use!

The Motion F5v Tablet PC is now available with a dual-input display to support both capacitive two-finger touch and high-resolution digitizer pen for increased flexibility and ease of use while gathering, accessing, or transmitting data. Mobile professionals benefit from the speed and convenience of natural gesture navigation, as well as the ability to capture signatures and navigate programs that require the accuracy of high-resolution pen input.

At only 3.3 lbs the Motion F5v makes it easy to take technology into the field to streamline processes and increase productivity. Available with up to an Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor, the F5v offers uncompromising levels of power, security and manageability. With extended battery life, a hot-swap battery feature, superior performance and advanced remote management capabilities, mobile workers are equipped with a robust computing tool for accomplishing virtually any task. Read More…

Big Savings on the Trimble Yuma
Over $700 Off SRP
For a limited time, Group Mobile is offering a BIG discount on the Trimble Yuma rugged tablet computer!

The Yuma offered in this amazing sale features an 1.6GHz processor, 32GB Solid State Drive, 1GB DDRII memory, dual hot-swappable batteries, and built-in wireless capabilities including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. It also features a sunlight viewable 7″ touch screen display for easy viewing in all lighting conditions.

With the Trimble Yuma, conducting inspections, collecting data and information, capturing geo-tagged photographs, communicating with headquarters, and real-time transferring of data is made easy – all with the peace of mind that your important information is protected from dust, sand, mud, humidity, and temperature extremes by the Yuma tablet’s rugged magnesium alloy shell. Read More…

Quantities are limited, so order yours now!
For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8. 

Ultra Rugged Computers for Extraordinary Conditions

Getac X500 
Fully Rugged Notebook
The Getac X500 fully rugged notebook joins extreme durability, ultra fast speed, and expandability to create the ultimate mobile computing solution for military and field operations. The Getac X500 is military-certified for operation in the most extreme conditions. It is certified for ruggedness and shock protection, and its IP65 rating protects the unit from water and dust. The Getac X500 rugged notebook’s design and it’s 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty make it an ideal mobile computing solution to meet virtually every communications and environmental challenge that military and field operations personnel face today.  Starting at $4,759

Xplore iX104C5 DMSR 
Fully Rugged Tablet

The Xplore iX104C5 DMSR (Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable) fully rugged tablet stands up to real world conditions such as 4′ operating drops to concrete, heavy rain, blowing sand and dust, continuous vibration, temperature extremes, and more. The iX104C5 utilizes a remote heat exchanger technology while maintaining a submersible IP67 rating. This fully rugged tablet delivers powerhouse performance with the Intel Core i7 platform as well as the AllVue Xtreme outdoor display technology.  Starting at $4,599

Trimble Ranger 3 
Fully Rugged Handheld
The Trimble Ranger 3 Series rugged handheld has the mobile computing tools field service workers depend on. Some standard integrated features on the Ranger include: an ultra-fast processor, 256MB RAM, and 8GB of Flash storage for speed and performance along with a 30-hour long-life, hot-swappable battery that can work all day without being recharged. It meets demanding military standards for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude, and temperature extremes. It also comes with an IP67 rating, meaning the Ranger handheld is completely sealed against dust, and can survive immersion in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. This rugged handheld is truly ready for the outdoors!  Starting at $2,699

Ever wonder how rugged computers are rated?  

Ratings are set by various government agencies, industry groups and/or independent laboratories and are cited by manufacturers in order to establish a more exact degree of environmental protection and reliability.

View IP-rating table and other standards/ratings

For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8.