The Importance of Vehicle Mounting Solutions for Laptops and Tablets

Every year over 130,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles, not just during an accident but during sudden stops, turns and unexpected maneuvers.

Why would you want to use a vehicle mount for your computer? The answer is simple – you cannot afford not to! A vehicle mount is a must have if you are driving with your computer in the vehicle, and the selection of vehicle mounting systems Group Mobile carries makes it easy to choose the correct mounting solution for your specific needs.

Safety is one of the top reasons to use a computer vehicle mount. Every year over 130,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles, not just during an accident but during sudden stops, turns and unexpected maneuvers. Your computer, or your employee’s computer, becomes a very dangerous object at unexpected times. The computer itself can be damaged, causing down time and potentially costly repairs.

Group Mobile offers a wide selection of mounting options to choose from. We carry the top brands, including Gamber JohnsonRAM, and Havis. There are also computer specific cradles and docking stations available for many computer brands and models. These cradles and docking stations offer custom fit for your computer as well as port replication with some offering antenna pass-through to increase wireless reception. Whether mounting your computer in your car, truck, van or boat, we have the mounting system you need.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of vehicle mounts for every possible make, model, and mobile computing device. Finding a durable and reliable vehicle mount is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your mobile office, so take your time finding the perfect mount for your needs. If you have any questions about the mounts discussed here or any other type of vehicle mount, or would like assistance in selecting the proper vehicle mount for your purposes, please feel free to contact one of our mobile installation experts at Group Mobile. We pride ourselves on providing trusted technology advice for all mobile workers.

Mobile Computing Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing and a Review on Getac’s New A140 Rugged Tablet!

The multifunctional hard handle on the Getac A140 serves as a kickstand or handle for simple carrying in the field.

Production and assembly process: How to take the guesswork out of knowing where your product is!

• Comprehensive Inventory Control: Losing track of your product during the production and assembly process always costs money. Group Mobile sophisticated barcoding technology shows you where your product is at all times. And by simply scanning the product into your system, you can greatly reduce errors. With asset staging and tracking, from the day the equipment is deployed and placed into service, to the day you retire the equipment from operations, Group Mobile iCare™ will keep track of your mobile equipment.

• Fewer Network “Dead Spots”: Maintaining connectivity and monitoring can be your IT department’s worst nightmare, since large production and assembly staging areas often include a maze of semi-compatible devices. Group Mobile can even help you find “dead spots” you never knew existed.

• Just in Time (JIT) Capability: A single minute of lost connectivity could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, as assembly lines come to a halt. A Group Mobile designed, installed and maintained wireless network helps to secure a constant connection with internal and external suppliers. With Group Mobile technology,
your automotive inventory is always “just in time,” and your customers have what they need, when they need it.

• Access to Critical Data in Real Time: Missing or inaccessible information can cost millions in lost productivity when it slows or stops the assembly process. From raw materials to finished goods, Group Mobile data-gathering and real-time reporting solutions provide instant access to critical data – giving you the information you need to make crucial, time-sensitive decisions.

From automotive manufacturing to final distribution, if you’ve been searching for streamlined solutions for your production and plant assembly operations, call Group Mobile today. Through our consultative approach, you can have peace of mind, knowing your product is safe and your deliveries are on-time.

Getac A140 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new Getac A140 fully rugged tablet has an optional multifunctional hard handle which serves as a kickstand or handle for simple carrying in the field — a host of mounting and carrying options make this tablet a perfect choice to maximize mobile productivity!

The Getac A140 is Getac’s largest and most powerful fully rugged tablet! This A140 rugged tablet operates the Windows 10 operating system and is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. It can be optionally configured with the Intel Core i7, i5 vPro, or i7 vPro processors. It comes standard with 4GB of memory (expandable to 32GB) and an Opal 2.0 128GB solid state drive, with upgrades to 256GB or 512GB solid state drives available.

The Getac A140 has a vibrant 14” HD display that is sunlight readable and features LumiBond™ touchscreen technology for great viewability in any lighting condition. The Getac A140 tablet features various touch modes, allowing for operation in the rain, with gloves on, and utilizing a hard-tip stylus.

Three USB ports, dual RJ45 LAN jacks, HDMI and an optional serial or VGA give the Getac A140 a rich choice of I/O ports. The Getac A140 has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and optional dedicated GPS and 4G LTE multi-carrier mobile broadband to keep users connected. Workers can use the optional slim-profile vehicle dock to avoid crowding cab space in your vehicle with tri-pass through ports for connection to high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN roof mounted antennas. Additionally, the Getac A140 can be configured to include an RFID reader, a 1D/2D imager barcode reader, and a fingerprint scanner.

When it comes to Getac mobile computers in public safetyfield service and utilitiesGroup Mobile  knows exactly what you need. Group Mobile specializes in providing a perfectly customized mobile solution for every customer.

Need a rugged laptop or tablet fast? Group Mobile offers the Getac F110, S410 and V110 with a QuickShip option, which means, get your tablet or laptop in 48 hours!



The Many Benefits Of Mobile Device Management — Why It’s So Important Today!

Mobile device management for enterprise is an evolving organizational trend that deals with the business as well as technological aspects of the rising trend of mobile and handheld device usage in routine business operations.

What is mobile device management? Mobile device management is the organizational area dealing with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, in the workplace. Tablets, and smartphones are arguably less secure than desktop computers and laptops often because they lack pre-installed malware protection. Mobile device management for enterprise is an evolving organizational trend that deals with the business as well as technological aspects of the rising trend of mobile and handheld device usage in routine business operations. You might be wondering how Group Mobile can help — First off, those sleepless nights worrying about data safety will be over for good! Don’t leave your corporate data vulnerable to thieves, we will help prevent this from occurring with our iCare™ Mobile Device Management Service.

Whether you have employees out in the field, in a warehouse, or working remotely from home, they are likely connected with mobile devices. As you assign more employees mobile devices, it is important to focus on mobile device management. There are various benefits to these services, and it will allow you to have greater control over the IT aspect of your operations.

iCare Mobile Device Management


  • Tracking – Using the MDM software, Group Mobile will track the unit throughout its useful life. In cases where a unit is reported lost or stolen, it can be tracked and located.
  • Remote Software Management – Update your software remotely. Updates can be distributed to the entire list of devices, or be segmented by device type, location, work-group, or serial number.
  • Battery Management – Manage battery capacity remotely on every device to enable quick replacement when capacity falls below an acceptable level.
  • Remote Control – Have a problem or issue with a mobile device? We can remotely login to your device for troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Historical Data Collection – The MDM software logs activity as the device is used. The data log can be accessed for analysis that may require additional training or software updates.
  • Multiple OS Support – MDM services are available on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Stay Organized

It’s important to stay as organized as possible, especially when you have a large number of mobile devices deployed across your operations. Various mobile device management services will allow you to stay organized in different ways, including:

  • Tracking devices
  • Managing battery life
  • Remote management of software
  • Remote assistance
  • Historical data collection

It’s impractical for you to ask employees with mobile devices to provide you with information on the device. Additionally, it’s only going to set you back if you have to process everything manually regarding dozens of mobile devices. Through the use of mobile device management software, you will be able to maintain communications with the device as well as the back office server. With the iCare™ Mobile Device Management Software each device is loaded with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) client prior to shipping. The client software is initialized and tested to ensure communications to the back-office server. The server component can reside at the customers site or be hosted by Group Mobile for an additional fee.

A significant amount of money can be saved when you deploy mobile device management services as well. Your users may need assistance from time to time. You will be able to gain control of a mobile device remotely. This will allow you to resolve problems and troubleshoot to get your employee back to where they need to be.

Mobile device management services are customized to the individual needs of your business. Depending upon the number of employees you have, the number of mobile devices, and how often upgrades are made, the services may be more complex. You will be able to get the assistance you need so that you can focus more on your business and less on threats and security.

To learn more about mobile device management services, contact the Group Mobile iCare services team.