The Most Common Types of Rugged Technology

Rugged tech has improved safety and efficiency for workers in tough environments. Here are the most common types of rugged tech.

Rugged technology are important pieces of equipment used for highly specialized jobs. Policemen, firemen, the military, construction workers, forklift operators, etc. all rely on technology to do their jobs, and each field has one thing in common, hazardous work conditions. These jobs put their technology through more rigorous conditions on a daily basis than the average consumer, so it’s important that the technology is rugged enough to withstand the hazardous environment they are being exposed to.

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Benefits of Rugged Smartphones & Why You Want to Make the Investment!

Rugged smartphones can work in extreme external conditions and thus are ideal for professionals such as police and fire, miners, construction and utility workers, scientists, hunters, geo-scientists, agriculturists and many more.

Is your office the great outdoors? Are you frequently dropping, scratching and breaking your consumer smartphone? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider taking the rugged smartphone route!

Why would you want a rugged smartphone? For starters, there are many associated benefits when adopting rugged smartphones including massive cost savings, enhanced device flexibility and an improved worker experience. Rugged smartphones will work in extreme external conditions and thus are ideal for professionals such as police and fire, miners, construction and utility workers, hunters, geo-scientists, agriculturists and many more. Lastly, there is a lot to be said about safety– personal safety, the ability to call for help when you need it no matter what situation you’re in — is to many, the most important aspect of a ruggedized phone.

Why should you make the investment? Consumer smartphones can look like the more cost-effective option compared with ruggedized devices due to their low initial purchase price. However, when the potential costs of worker downtime, accelerated replacement cycles and the support needed for a successful implementation are taken into account, it’s clear to see that the true costs of deploying mobility to support your organization go far beyond the initial purchase price of the device itself. Consumer-grade mobile devices can introduce unforeseen complexities and hidden costs once the initial purchase has been made. All in all, although your initial purchase price may be higher with a rugged smartphone, the softer operational costs will be much lower with an application-rich, purpose-built device, thus making your TCO significantly lower and guaranteeing a return on investment delivering far more business value in the long run.

Another notable benefit of rugged smartphones are the unique features not found on consumer grade devices such as Push-to-Talk, thermal camera, exceptionally powerful batteries for long days in the field, shatter-proof display, capacitive touchscreen and a large selection of rugged accessories.

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