Rugged Medical Tablets are Revolutionizing Emergency Medical Services

When rugged tech functions at the highest capacity, EMS providers and civilians alike can truly benefit from the power of technology and connectivity.

EMS, or emergency medical services, is just one component of a larger network of services and systems aiming to maintain and boost public health and safety. To be effective, EMS must entail elements such as communication and transportation networks, trauma systems, and highly-trained professionals. Without the proper equipment, EMS teams are left at a disadvantage when it comes to seamless communication with other entities, as well as leveraging the latest GPS and data retrieval technologies.

Rugged medical tablets are revolutionizing EMS by ensuring that teams are equipped to manage any situation that arises, emergent or not. EMS providers are amongst those who first come to aid during public health issues, working side-by-side with other public safety teams, and are the first line of defense for patients in critical situations. And while the organizational structures vary from city to city, the essential elements remain the same.

How EMS Providers Leverage Rugged Tablets

Drop protection makes it easier to focus on the patient rather than the device

Dropping a tablet on the ground is inevitable, especially when in urgent situations. If a patient is about to fall, for example, you aren’t going to stand by because you’re holding a tablet. And it’s not just emergent situations that can cause accidents: running children, jumping pets, and other individuals at the scene can make for unfortunate mishaps. Rugged mobile tablets are built with drop protection to ensure your equipment can withstand these accidents. EMS providers should never have to worry that their technology will fail them when civilians need them most.

Vibration protection ensures longer lifespan for devices

Vibration protection is just as critical as drop protection. EMS providers spend a large percentage of their time in vehicles. This can prove detrimental for commercial-grade tablets, as connections vibrate loose in the car over time. Rugged tablets, however, are designed to withstand these vibrations, which won’t bother the machine at all. Additionally, EMS can benefit from vehicle mounts, which make it easy to enter and receive information while in the field.

Increased connectivity allows for easy access to critical data when and where you need it

All the best applications in the world won’t make a difference if you’re tablet doesn’t have seamless connectivity. EMS providers rely on a constant stream of information, like site coordinates and patient files, to best support civilians. Rugged mobile tablets boast reliable connectivity to keep medical providers up to date. Rugged gateways and modems are also leveraged by EMS and other first responders to communicate with all the necessary parties.

EMS Mobile Technology Solutions

The lightweight and ergonomic design of rugged mobile tablets, plus the benefits mentioned above, make these devices ideal for EMS. When mobile devices functions at the highest capacity, service providers are given the opportunity to fully focus on the situation before them while also receiving the support of advanced technologies. To discuss more mobile tech solutions for EMS, contact a Group Mobile expert to determine which devices will best suit your team.

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