Rugged Technology and Public Transportation

Public transportation isn’t commonly thought of as a “rugged industry” but exposure to extreme temperatures, vibration and shock lead the way for this industry to be a perfect candidate for use of rugged mobile technology. The industry can have a variety of uses for rugged technology, including fleet management, video surveillance, vehicle control management systems and more.

As the public transportation industry itself evolves with growing cities, the “smart traveler” and increased safety concerns, the role that technology plays in the public transportation has been constantly changing too. Rugged communications can play a critical role in keeping cities moving. Coordinating traffic in both big cities and small communities alike can be complex for city personnel and traffic operators. Technology you can count on simplifies the process by providing reliable communications and vehicle monitoring. In addition to monitoring your city’s traffic and vehicle locations, effective use of rugged technology can help improve efficiency and reduce both maintenance and operation costs.

Benefits of Rugged Mobile Computing in the Public Transportation Industry

Reduced Maintenance and Operation Cost

Rugged mobile technology can help cities reduce maintenance costs by providing real-time monitoring of the state of your fleet. City personnel can monitor when and if a vehicle will go down or take preventative measures to prevent the vehicle loss altogether. By being able to have real-time data on how a vehicle is performing, workers are also able to ensure the inventory for fixing the vehicle is available as well. Rather than paying for a replacement part to get there sooner, or taking the loss on a vehicle being out of service, operation employees can be effective in preventing additional operating costs by monitoring vehicle performance.

Fleet Management

Fleet management goes above simple maintenance of the fleet, it also includes GPS monitoring, vehicle tracking, driver tracking, fuel management and mile tracking. Rugged technology can help the public transportation industry streamline operation of the fleet with various hardware and software designed to meet the needs of your city. Stay on top of when drivers are or aren’t on the roads or take an incorrect route. This type of software can also help travelers stay aware of where their bus or train is if it’s running on time, and more.

Safety and Security

There are two sides to safety and security when it comes to public transportation. One being traveler safety and the second being personnel and equipment safety. Rugged technology can provide safety and security solutions when it comes to both. Traveler safety can be assured with video surveillance and software that tracks driver or operator hours. Ensuring that your drivers or operators aren’t operating past standardized hourly limits can help keep travelers safe by preventing accidents. Video surveillance can also provide passengers with the sense that the environment is being monitored and video surveillance is likely to deter any potential onboard criminal activity. Criminal activity on public transportation can also be a danger to the driver/operator and to the public transportation vehicle itself.

Having a rugged mobile tablet available in the times of an emergency can also provide both driver and passenger a safety option. Tablets can be connected to wi-fi or cellular networks that can provide real-time communications with emergency or company personnel. The connectivity that the tablet will have can also provide emergency personnel or local authorities with information on your location, passenger information and more.

In a field like public transportation where vehicles and personnel are constantly on the move, subject to extreme weather and harsh movements like drops, falls or vibration, there is only room for one type of technology and that is rugged. Group Mobile can help ensure your public transportation technology is implemented correctly to withstand the toughest of environments.

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