Mobile Computing for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Companies

There are many advantages to implement rugged technology use in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Find out more on improving safety, efficiency and productivity in these industries below.

When you think of the oil, gas, and petrochemical fields, no doubt oil rigs and heavy machinery come to mind. While these industries provide the perfect picture of environments where rugged technology would be used, many companies have been stuck in the past by using traditional pen and paper methods of tracking work. In today’s digital era, the pen and paper method isn’t productive in any industry. The oil, gas and petrochemical industries must make the shift to using mobile technologies in order to increase productivity and efficiencies while also maintaining worker safety.

Benefits of Mobile Technology in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries

Improved Safety

Safety for employees in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries is of the highest priority. Rugged technology can help improve safety in the field by flagging readings that are outside of normal ranges or providing push-to-talk immediate communication in emergency situations. Oil and gas operations have locations that can be prone to the risk of explosion. Electronic devices could inadvertently cause a disaster from a spark, flammable gas or a high heat source if not manufactured for the right environments. Employers should be implementing technology that is rugged enough to withstand such environments to avoid a catastrophic situation.

Real-Time Visibility

Rugged technology can provide employers a real-time reading on where employees are, how different machines are operating, current reading levels and more. Employers in the industry are able to make better decisions by having a more holistic view of their company’s operations by using rugged technology. Implementing barcodes, RFID or NFC tags will allow companies to track the movement of human, machine and technology capital.

Dynamic Maintenance

Having access to guides, order forms, or workers in the home office, can allow on-site engineers to quickly problem-solve any errors, order parts or schedule a specialist to come out and look at different machinery. Rugged technology can track machine performance and can predict a maintenance issue; ultimately turning maintenance into a proactive, not reactive service.

Inventory Optimization

Capturing data as inventory hits your warehouse, field operation or other locations via rugged technology can help ensure that your business always has the right products on hand at the right location. This can also help make sure you have the inventory to maintain the equipment and reduce storage costs overall for the business.

Live Task Management

Tasks can be sent directly to engineers in the field, who can then share the barcode of the item they are working on to ensure accuracy. Managers can follow a task or track its progress in the field.

Featured Product

Zebra DS3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scannerzebra-3600.jpg

When it comes to capturing barcodes in rugged environments like the oil and gas rig, every second counts—speed and accuracy is directly related to workforce productivity, throughput, and the quality of products and customer service. The Zebra DS3600 Ultra-Rugged Scanner Series is the industry’s first ultra-rugged line of corded and cordless industrial handheld scanners that set new benchmarks for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability. The result is unstoppable performance—faster-and-farther-than-ever data capture, with unprecedented scanner uptime and a low total cost of ownership.


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