Just How Rugged Do You Need Your Tech?

Rugged tech stands up against environments that would easily damage typical commercial devices, making rugged devices ideal for a variety of industries.

Rugged mobile technology provides revolutionary solutions across a variety of industries and verticals. By integrating tech designed to not just withstand, but to thrive in harsh conditions, teams and individuals are realizing just how much can get done when the tech they rely on functions at the highest possible levels. But what makes tech rugged? And how rugged do specific devices need to be in order to work properly in the environments they’re needed most?

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Rugged Technology and Public Transportation

Public transportation isn’t commonly thought of as a “rugged industry” but exposure to extreme temperatures, vibration and shock lead the way for this industry to be a perfect candidate for use of rugged mobile technology. The industry can have a variety of uses for rugged technology, including fleet management, video surveillance, vehicle control management systems and more.

As the public transportation industry itself evolves with growing cities, the “smart traveler” and increased safety concerns, the role that technology plays in the public transportation has been constantly changing too. Rugged communications can play a critical role in keeping cities moving. Coordinating traffic in both big cities and small communities alike can be complex for city personnel and traffic operators. Technology you can count on simplifies the process by providing reliable communications and vehicle monitoring. In addition to monitoring your city’s traffic and vehicle locations, effective use of rugged technology can help improve efficiency and reduce both maintenance and operation costs.

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Mobile Computing for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Companies

There are many advantages to implement rugged technology use in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Find out more on improving safety, efficiency and productivity in these industries below.

When you think of the oil, gas, and petrochemical fields, no doubt oil rigs and heavy machinery come to mind. While these industries provide the perfect picture of environments where rugged technology would be used, many companies have been stuck in the past by using traditional pen and paper methods of tracking work. In today’s digital era, the pen and paper method isn’t productive in any industry. The oil, gas and petrochemical industries must make the shift to using mobile technologies in order to increase productivity and efficiencies while also maintaining worker safety.

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What is Rugged Technology?

Rugged technology is technology that is built to withstand extreme conditions and it is used across many industries to streamline efficiencies and reduce costs in the field.

Rugged technology is technology that is built to withstand extreme conditions and environments. There are two main levels of rugged technology: semi-rugged and fully-rugged. Each level is determined by the technology’s ability to survive drops, dust, vibration and extreme conditions. The rugged design is not limited to the external housing but includes the internal components and cooling functions as well. Typically, you will find rugged computers, tablets, handhelds and other devices being used in the fields of public safety, field service, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, construction and other equally harsh environments.

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