The Real Cost of Broken Mobile Technology

Today’s mobile workforce relies on mobile technology more than ever before. Professionals ranging from those in manufacturing to the medical field to first responders leverage technology for almost every aspect of their job. The failure of mobile devices can render extremely negative, if not catastrophic, effects on their ability to perform at the highest levels. Given the typical high stakes of such work, it’s imperative mobile workers have reliable devices capable of operating all the necessary applications and software. That’s why many mobile professionals invest in rugged mobile technology, which boasts a longer lifespan and increased durability.

While rugged technology typically costs more upfront than traditional mobile technology, the guaranteed longevity actually saves money in the long run. In fact, when traditional mobile technology breaks, it proves incredibly expensive. The IDC recently released a white paper Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices, which breaks down just how much it costs when traditional tech breaks. We’ve rounded up the biggest takeaways from this research:

Average Cost of Repairs for Traditional Mobile Technology is Sky High

Phones drop, laptops are rattled, and tablets are exposed to potentially-damaging elements. Whereas these types of snafus occur with technology in our everyday lives, traditional mobile devices are even more susceptible to damage in the field or on the clock for mobile workers. And repairs for these types of damages add up really fast: the average repair cost for a laptop is $3,411, $2,464 for tablets, and $3,087 for handheld devices.

Company Devices Break a Lot

Research shows that laptops which are five years and older have a failure rate of 61%, while 11% of devices fail in the first year, nearly doubling by year five. Most of these failures are due to factors mobile workers simply have no control over, including exposure to dust and dirt, as well as accidental drops. Asking a police officer or construction worker to absolutely never accidentally drop or bang a device is simply unrealistic.

Broken Tech Leads to Decreased Productivity

There’s an average of 5.8 hours lost for employee productivity due to repairs, and this can extend to as much as two days lost for more than 18% of companies. Losses in productivity for mobile workers often leave much more than money hanging by the thread, but lives, too. First responders require technology like GPS, seamless communication, and more to arrive at scenes of emergency as quickly as possible, and often can’t afford for their technology to malfunction.

Rugged Mobile Devices Pay for Themselves

Rugged tech lasts longer, plain and simple. The increased durability means fewer breaks and higher productivity, withstanding drops, rattles, spills, dust, and exposure to extreme temperatures and altitudes. Group Mobile offers warranties on parts and labor for rugged mobile devices, such as handhelds, laptops, and tablets.

Rugged technology not only outlasts traditional mobile devices but actually costs less over time. Mobile workers need devices they can depend on to continuously work, regardless of the conditions. Rugged devices are built to withstand harsh atmospheres, while also operating at the highest level with the latest technologies.

If you’re looking for rugged mobile devices to outfit your mobile workers, contact us for guidance on determining the best devices, programs, and accessories.

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