New Getac ZX70 Fully Rugged Android Tablet — Everything You Need to Know!

The Getac ZX70 tablet is a rugged, reliant, innovative and useful device. It has several important features that companies and individuals should consider when shopping the market for a durable tablet computer.

The Getac ZX70 tablet is a rugged, reliant, innovative and useful device.  It has several important features that companies and individuals should consider when shopping the market for a durable tablet computer. The Getac ZX70 tablet is used in many different field operations and critical situations with different functionalities. Users interested in purchasing this device should consider the specs, uses and configurable capabilities of this Android based system.

The Getac ZX70 is primarily designed to exist in a rugged and unpredictable environment.  It has a powerful casing that protects it from falls, spills, splashes, heat, wind, water and high impact.  That is crucial for field service professionals that can rely on.  It has a 7 inch screen that is wide enough to clearly see from an outstretched hand.  The arc case is actually extremely easy to carry and use.  It is light enough for field staff will have no trouble carrying it in one hand, yet tough enough to survive falls up to 6 feet with no damage to the device.

The Getac ZX70 can endure different weather patterns including temperature of all ranges. It also can function with 95% humidity which means it will work even in a hurricane.  It is also ATEX and IECEx for durability and can be brought into places where there are flammable materials.

Even in the wind, rain or dark, the screen will also still be visible to read with the 580 NIT brightness.  That is much better than other devices and also still comfortable on the eyes.  The screen is a LumiBond 2.0 LCD panel that is interactive and touch screen, even sensitive enough for use with a glove.  It offers clear contrasts and colors that are easy to distinguish.  It also includes a hard-tip stylus which can be used for signatures, notes, drawing, mapping and planning.  Field workers need this tool to operate when they don’t have easy access to pen and paper.

The ZX70 tablet also has an extremely powerful battery (3.8V) with a long life span.  Operators can go out in the field for a full 12 hour shift without worrying about recharging the device (unless they have extremely heavy use or downloading requirements).  Of course, it also has a camera although this drains the battery a little faster while using video.  Still, the device charges up quite quickly once it is plugged into an outlet.

Of course, the tablet has various ways to connect to the internet including wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and optional 4G LTE broadband access. Users can download a massive amount of data and store it in the 32 GB of memory.  That allows local saving of location data, audio and video recordings, patient or criminal data and much more.  That can be processed and produced quickly with the Intel chip that runs at 1.44GHz with 2MB of Cache RAM.

Due to the ruggedness and versatility of this device, the ROI is quite high.  Because the ZX70 rugged tablet uses an open Android 6.0 system, new updates are constantly available as the device ages through the ubiquitous Google Play store.  New software that are required to operate are also easy to download. Many of these open source tools are free or low-cost.  The device’s durability ensures that it can last at least 4 or 5 years, which is much longer than the industry standard for tablets.

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