Increase Healthcare Efficiency and Productivity with the DT Research Medical Tablet & Cart Solution!

A medical cart computing solution is designed from top to bottom to be an invaluable asset and all-in-one solution to patient side care.

For quite a while, the healthcare industry was slow to adopt tablets as a mobile computing solution, primarily due to issues including security, privacy of patient information and data (regulations such as HIPAA), and integration with backend systems. The medical industry has now adopted the use of tablets for patient monitoring, financials, inventory updates, notifications, communication as well as to manage task lists.  Stanford medical Center Hospital in Palo Alto, California and partners across the nation, The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) medical center, Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare provider in US, The Washington hospital group among many others now provides tablets to its full staff including doctors, paramedics, pharmacists and administrative personnel. Rugged tablets are being used daily to schedule patient checkups in both outpatient and inpatient wards, issue and approve prescriptions, record and transmit patient data in various formats and use instant live audio and video conferencing and chat features to expedite patient care. The use of tablets in healthcare facilities will no doubt increase patient engagement, help reduce costs, improve workflows and deliver better patient care. Rugged medical solutions are making a huge splash in the healthcare industry today, offering a better return on investment, plus a more sanitary solution built from antimicrobial materials.

DT Research is well known in the rugged tablet market for designing purpose-built computing solutions for numerous industries including military, law enforcement, education, healthcare, retail and logistics, utilities and telecommunications, construction, manufacturing and enterprise — their rapid time-to-market solutions leverage two decades of computer design and manufacturing experience. DT Research offers various rugged computing solutions for many industries including a mobile tablet cart solution. You may be familiar with a workstation on wheels, which may or may not have computing ability, or a cart on wheels, which is often no more than a standard laptop mounted on a wheeled cart. A medical cart computing solution is designed from top to bottom to be an invaluable asset and all-in-one solution to patient side care.s03

Medical cart computers are built to be space saving, allowing the most compact configuration –  This saves time, as the medical tablet is always available – it tucks into any available corner and can be readily pulled patient side for data input, data retrieval, or image viewing. The DT Research DT313-MD is a durable rugged medical tablet made from easily sanitized, anti-microbial materials. This rugged tablet is an effective tool to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information.

Contact one of Group Mobile’s computing solutions experts to assist in the design of a custom medical tablet solution.



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