Discover the Benefits of Sunlight-Readable Displays for Outdoor Mobile Computing Applications

Learn more about devices that come with sunlight readable displays so that you can use your device in any conditions.

When you’re using your laptop, tablet, or handheld on the go, you want to be able to see everything on the screen clearly. Unfortunately, most displays end up with a glare when you’re out in the sun — a place where many people, from paramedics and law enforcement professionals to construction workers, field service and utility workers, or forestry professionals, find themselves spending a great deal of time. Sunlight readable displays are designed to be just as visible in sunlight as they are in a shadowed space like your car or office, making them ideal for individuals whose job responsibilities take them outdoors on a regular basis.

Work Where You Are

In some cases, you might have the luxury of getting under shade before you use your device, making it easier to see the vital information on the screen. With sunlight readable displays, you can use your device wherever you are whether it’s a cloudy day or the sun is pounding down on you. This is particularly useful for construction workers, first responders, and military professionals who often don’t have the luxury of finding shade just for the convenience of being able to read a screen. If you can work out in full sunlight, your device ought to be able to, as well — and your rugged device, equipped with a sunlight readable display, makes that easier than ever.

Don’t Miss Vital Information

When you’re squinting down at a screen that has gone dim and hard to read in the sunlight, you might find yourself accidentally missing critical information. From notes on patient care to information about a meeting that’s going to have to be rescheduled, you don’t want to find out later that you missed out on critical information just because you weren’t able to see a specific part of the screen thanks to excessive light conditions. The difference between being able to see everything on your screen might not matter if you’re only glancing down for a quick read on irrelevant information, but it matters a lot when it’s a critical note in small print! Sunlight readable screens make it easier to see every piece of information on the screen, which means you won’t make a mistake because you missed that important piece of information.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

When you’re staring down at a screen that is only partially readable because of bright sunlight, you may find yourself with tunnel vision: completely focused on the display in front of you as you try to pick out the details of the text or focus on the complexities of data entry. In many situations, however, that can be dangerous: a law enforcement professional out on the street, a construction worker on a job site where anything can happen, or any other outdoor worker who needs to be aware of their surroundings. Sunlight readable screens help you avoid tunnel vision by making it easier to glance at the screen, then return to the task at hand without losing sight of what’s going on around you.

Rugged laptops, tablets and handhelds are the perfect candidates for sunlight readable displays. In some cases, like the optically-bonded sunlight readable display option, creating displays that are functional in sunlight actually adds to the ruggedness of the device, making those screens tougher and more resistant to the hazards around you. Protective coatings and other technological advances can add to the readability of your device, so make sure you understand all the options available and have chosen the one that will work best for you! When you need a device that’s able to go wherever you can, contact us to learn more about devices that come with sunlight readable displays so that you can use your device in any conditions.

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