Comprehensive Review on the Durabook SA14 and S15AB Semi-Rugged Notebook Computers!

Durabook’s flexible rugged computing solutions are a popular choice among customers at Group Mobile, we believe this is attributed to the high quality rugged computers they carefully design matched with their excellent price point for rugged devices.

So, what does semi-rugged laptop or tablet mean? How does semi-rugged compare to fully rugged computers? These are questions you may be wondering and we are here to tell you! Prior to buying any laptop, tablet, or handheld it is important to understand the difference between fully rugged and semi-rugged.

All ruggedized portable devices are designed to operate in harsh conditions, some just more than others. The degree of protection against dust, vibration, drops, immersion, and extreme temperatures determines whether a laptop or tablet is categorized as semi-rugged or fully rugged. If you are looking to implement rugged tablets or laptops into a patrol car for instance, semi-rugged is the ideal solution. Now if you are involved in special operations, SWAT scenarios or military — fully rugged may be your best option. Semi-rugged devices are not fully sealed against outdoor elements, yet still offer a certain level of protection against harsh temperatures, extreme vibration, and moisture on the keyboard. Fully rugged devices are designed from the inside out, certified to military standards, and can withstand extreme temperatures, drops, shocks and vibrations.

Durabook offers a wide range of rugged computers that meet diverse demands of customers from various industries, including government, military, utilities, field service, transportation, healthcare and insurance. Durabook’s flexible rugged computing solutions are a popular choice among customers at Group Mobile, we believe this is attributed to the high quality rugged computers they carefully design matched with their excellent price point for rugged devices.

Read below for our comprehensive review of the Durabook S14AB and S15AB semi-rugged notebook computers — find out why these popular semi-rugged notebooks may be the exact mobile computing solution you’ve been searching for!

Durabook SA14

The Durabook SA14 semi-rugged notebook is purpose-built for public safety professionals and first responders — first and foremost.  For vertical markets seeking a durable platform to deliver applications for construction sites, mechanic’s ssa14_1500x1500-4_2hops, hospitals or the battlefield of the public sector — the Durabook SA14 is the ideal mobile computing solution. The Durabook SA14 rugged notebook offers a powerful Intel 6th Generation Skylake processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, long battery life of up to 12 hours, and wireless connectivity.

Sealed safely behind protective doors are a pair of USB 3.0, and 2.0 ports, gigabit Ethernet, VGA and HDMI output ports, an optical drive slot, RS-232, SD and Smart card readers, and a PC Card slot. Communication for the Durabook SA14 semi-rugged notebook include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Durabook SA14 notebook is designed with an optional 6-cell battery that runs for more than 12 hours when paired with the primary 9-cell battery. The two battery packs enable the hot-swappable feature and further extends the operating hours for extremely long shifts in the field. The Durabook SA14 rugged notebook will withstand even the harshest conditions suitable for constant movement, vehicle vibration, or use in damp or dusty areas where real-time information and updating is crucial to success.

Durabook S15Adurabook-s15abB

The Durabook S15AB semi-rugged notebook is powered by an Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2GHz processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 1TB Hard Disk Drive. Measuring only 29.5mm in thickness and weighing in at 5.73 pounds, the Durabook S15AB semi-rugged notebook offers unparalleled mobility be it commercial or rugged. Being certified for IP5X and MIL-810G, the S15AB is ideal for professionals who need to step outside of office and into the field on occasion. Built with a 15.6-inch full HD display, the Durabook S15AB rugged notebook offers sensational viewing experience by displaying more viewing content with finer details, even when viewing in direct sunlight.

As for connectivity, the Durabook S15AB has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication. The S15AB includes a variety of I/O ports with dust covers, including two USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectors, an RJ-45 jack for internal Ethernet, an HDMI Type A connector, a RS-232 serial port, and a VGA port. The S15AB notebook is designed with an ergonomic handle for the mobility of workers and provides the RF Hardware Switch to seamlessly control your communication devices. The S15AB rugged notebook offers more durability and flexibility than commercial laptops and other semi-rugged PCs on the market today.

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