Why Rugged Android Devices?

As conventional devices are becoming increasingly fragile, rugged devices are stepping up to the plate to ensure that people in challenging professions are able to count on their devices.

Is Android the right choice for your rugged enterprise application? Until recently, Android was only an option on consumer grade smartphones and tablets, which of course made it a risky choice for more demanding application environments — this is no longer true. As technology changes by the minute, a number of rugged device manufacturers have launched Android-based industrial mobile computers. One glaring benefit to the development and evolution of Android in rugged mobile devices is the high level of end user familiarity can make training easier and less expensive. Take a look at some of the most common benefits when implementing Android devices into your organization:

Track Your Fleet

When you need to know where your employees are, the GPS in Android smart phones can let you know exactly where everyone is located. That allows you to keep up with your fleet, find out whether or not everything and everyone is moving on time, and even track unscheduled stops and shifts in the daily schedule.

Clock In Remotely

NFC chips in Android devices make it easy for employees to clock in with their mobile devices. That means less paperwork–not to mention a higher level of honesty and integrity. By integrating this technology into your everyday processes, you can enhance your ability to keep up with important records and ensure that every employee is starting their work day on time for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Increase Connectivity

Rugged devices are specifically designed to go wherever your employees do — that doesn’t just mean they’re built tough. It also means that they have enhanced connectivity that makes it possible to access the internet, run important programs, and keep up with work tasks even when employees are out of reach of towers that normal devices would need to operate.

Better Sound Performance

When you work in a noisy environment, it can be difficult both to understand the person on the other end of the phone and to be understood by them. Rugged Android devices are designed to correct this critical fault: they have enhanced voice clarity and better speakers specifically engineered to make it easier for both parties to hear one another. This is the perfect solution when you can’t leave a noisy warehouse or construction site, but still need to answer your phone.

Enjoy Tough Devices

Phones are intended to go wherever their users go, but traditional Android devices are often very fragile, making them difficult for individuals in harsh environments. Rugged Android devices, on the other hand, were created with the specific needs of their users in mind. They’re perfect for individuals in a number of professions who find themselves going through traditional phones all too fast. Protections include:

  • Shock and vibration protection for individuals who find themselves in conditions where the phone is subjected to numerous small impacts over the course of a typical day
  • Drop protection to make up for phones that go flying in the worst of circumstances
  • Waterproofing that is designed to make devices usable not only in the rain, but even underwater

Rugged Android devices are becoming increasingly common in many work environments. From law enforcement professionals who need to know they can count on their device to keep working no matter where their daily job duties take them to construction workers who have sacrificed all too many phones to drops, shocks, and water damage over the course of their careers many individuals will find that rugged Android devices are the solution to a lifetime of problems. As conventional devices are becoming increasingly fragile, rugged devices are stepping up to the plate to ensure that people in challenging professions are able to count on their devices. To learn more about rugged Android devices, or for assistance in picking the best device for your needs, feel free to contact us. See our full list of featured rugged Android devices.

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