Vehicle Mounting Solutions for Mobile Workers!

Vehicle mounts enable you to customize your fit and ergonomics to ensure you have the laptop or tablet in your vehicle when and where you need it.

For many public safety workers, their vehicle is their second home. And since we all live in the 21st century, reliable access to electronic communication devices is a must – not just to complete job requirements, but also to ensure continuous communication with coworkers and others, often for safety purposes. Whatever your communication device may be, having a reliable vehicle mounting solution is essential. Having a computer, cell phone, tablet or other device fall while driving or working and be inaccessible is not only inconvenient, but can significantly impact your workplace safety and efficiency. Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular vehicle mounting options for many public safety workers.

Gamber-Johnson Mounts 7160-0327_g1_thin

Consider installing a Gamber-Johnson mobile workstation in your vehicle. The right computer stand for mobile workers is one that securely mounts to the vehicle, provides flexibility for both passenger and driver to access the computer, and allows for the computer to be removed, if needed, to take on the job. A laptop mount for mobile workers should also be custom-built for the type and size of computer it will hold, to ensure a solid fit. Gamber-Johnson makes vehicle mounts for just about every vehicle on the market. If you’re a mobile professional and you frequently find yourself on your computer while in the driver’s seat, a vehicle mount, which includes a universal laptop tray, is a good option for holding your device inside your vehicle. Another great benefit to mounting your laptop in your vehicle is that you get a stronger GPS signal when integrating a GPS antenna. Gamber-Johnson offers a large assortment of mounting hardware, and accessories.

Havis Mountsc-hdm-176

Havis also supplies a huge range of mount options. Havis offers docking stations and cradles for specific electronics and car models, but they also have a unique offering of universal mounts:

  • Universal laptop mount. This mount can be used to access any laptop with a width of 11.5″ to 14.1″ and a thickness of 0.7″ to 1.2″. For departments with a variety of computer types, this would be a prudent purchase.
  • Universal tablet mount. Similar to the laptop mount, this universal tablet mount can accommodate any tablet with a width of 9.3″ to 11.2″ and a thickness of 0.6″ to 0.9″.

RAM Mountsram-vb-189-sw11

RAM offers the most extensive selection of vehicle-specific mounting solutions in the industry. These bases are engineered to conform to your vehicle interior and are constructed from high-quality steel. Installation is simple with the use of your existing passenger side seat leg bolts. Several adjustment points throughout the mount enable you to position your laptop in the most ergonomic and comfortable position possible. Some of those mounts include:

  • No Drill Mounts. There are many options for seamless integration of a vehicle mount into the RAM, using the passenger side seat rails. One example is the laptop mount for the Dodge RAM 1500 and 2500/3500, which offers telescoping features and dual swing arms.
  • Ergonomic Mounts. In addition to being no-drill, many mounts offer ergonomic features to ensure comfortable typing and laptop viewing from a car seat. One example is this Dodge Ram Mounting Kit, which is a laptop mount with a multi-adjustable swing arm.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of vehicle mounts for every possible make, model, and mobile computing device. Finding a durable and reliable vehicle mount is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your mobile office, so take your time finding the perfect mount for your needs. If you have any questions about the mounts discussed here or any other type of vehicle mount, or would like assistance in selecting the proper vehicle mount for your purposes, please feel free to contact us. We pride ourselves on providing trusted technology advice for all mobile workers.

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