Have You Heard? We Have a Brand New Brochure — See it Here!

We are honored to share our new company brochure! 

Check it out here… 

Our Story

Founded in 2002, Group Mobile has grown to become a leading industry expert addressing the ever-changing complexities associated with the design, development, deployment, implementation, and operation of lifecycle technology services. Group Mobile has built a trusted relationship with numerous manufacturing partners and thousands of valued customers, exclusively specializing in the sales and service of advanced “rugged” technology, equipping thousands of businesses throughout the country with ruggedized hardware appropriate for some of the most strenuous and demanding work environments.

Today, Group Mobile simplifies the complex by offering a strategic turn-key solution entailing hardware, software and/or cloud interface and data management, project management, deployment management, installation, one-on-one training, service, warranty, and reliable support.  Within this vertically aligned business model, our customers will reduce risk to ensure 100% success throughout the lifecycle of the project. Group Mobile’s engineering and project management team are fully committed to providing superior results with the assurance projects will be delivered on schedule, cost-effectively, and technologically advanced to address the needs of customers across all vertical markets, staying in lock-step from project inception to fruition.

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