What does "Solution Provider" really mean? Join us for the webinar featuring our very own President, Darin White!

We know that you’ve heard the term mobile “solution provider” a hundred times over. It’s bandied about so much that it is devolving into a buzzword, seemingly devoid of meaning. But, in reality, it may be the most meaningful term you’ll hear all year.

Join us on Tuesday, July 26 at 10am PT/12pm CT/1pm ET for the webinar:

What does “Solution Provider” really mean?

In this webinar Darin White, president of Group Mobile*, and Bob Ashenbrenner, President of Durable Mobility Technologies, LLC, will explain what “solution provider” really means to you and the success of your mobile workforce.

During this 45-minute coffee break webinar, the first in Xplore’s new “Rugged or Risky” monthly series, Darin and Bob will detail the advantages that you, the mobile tech buyer/end-user, actually gain by partnering with a “solution provider” versus relying on individual hardware, software, and accessories providers to piece together your mobility system.

Register for the webinar today…

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