Group Mobile’s Sister Company FLI Charge Launched On Indiegogo with a Huge Success!

FLI Charge — Wireless Charging Technology

What Is FLI Charge?

The FLI Charge wire-free ecosystem is comprised of a pad or charging surface and FLI Charge-enabled devices. FLI Charge is a wire-free power company dedicated to making it easier for peopel to power and charge the growing multitude of mobile electronic devices they use on a daily basis. FLI Charge is integrating their wire-free products in homes, schools, offices, cars, and everywhere in between. 

How It Works 

FLI Charge is the most powerful, fastest charging, easiest to use and safest wireless charging technology on the market, bar none. 

FLI Charge eliminates the need for charging cables, and makes charging your device a complete afterthought. FLI Charge lessens the burden of using electronic devices by eliminating the frantic need to search for and fight for power outlets, plus, no more carrying bothersome charging cables to stay powered up for the day. 

Key Features 

  • FLI Charge uses conductive technology to send power wirelessly to your device
  • Power multiple devices at one time
  • Devices charge as quickly as plugging into a wall
  • Place devices anywhere on pad and in any orientation
  • FLI Charge works with virtually all USB powered mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, drones, and more
  • Charging your device with FLI Charge is as safe as plugging into a wall outlet

How to Participate   

FLI Charge has launched its consumer product line on Indiegogo! If you are interested in learning more or purchasing FLI Charge for your home or office visit here…

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