Group Mobile Features the Juno T41 Rugged Handheld Computer – Improved Rugged Classifications, Plus a Lower Price Point for a Limited Time!

Due to customer demand, the Juno T41 line of rugged handheld

computers now all meet IP68 ruggedness for the very highest standards for water immersion and dust protection.

Juno T41 Rugged Handheld
Group Mobile is announcing the new and improved ingress protection ratings and a much lower price point for a limited time on the Trimble Juno T41 rugged handheld. Save $400 on the Trimble Juno T41!  The Juno T41 is purpose-built for tough outdoor conditions such as field service, farming, inventory, and agriculture industries. Trimble announced the improvement of specifications on all Ingress Protection (IP) IP65 Juno T41 handhelds to now include the higher IP68 classification for improved protection from driving rain and liquid immersion, corrosive environments, dust, shock, drops, vibration, prolonged UV exposure, and extreme temperatures and altitudes.  
The versatile Juno T41 rugged handheld will allow you to build the handheld computer you need: Android or Microsoft Windows operating systems, Barcode Imager, Smartphone, or GPS collector. Whatever the ideal combination of features and functionality, the Juno T41 is dependable and built to last for years in any environment.

Android 4.1 Operating System:

Android 4.1 (nicknamed “Jelly Bean”) is fully operational for all hardware features of the T41 family of products. With Android 4.1, users will appreciate increased battery efficiency, improved security options, more robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® and a much-improved, sleek user-interface.

Enhanced GPS:
Enhanced GPS uses SBAS and a GPS Accuracy Algorithm to provide dramatic improvements. Under the correct conditions, Enhanced GPS allows data collection with 1-2 meter accuracy in real-time, while gathering raw data output for post-processing applications. Enhanced GPS can be paired with any other Juno T41 configuration including the basic handheld computer, smartphone, or the 1D/2D Barcode Imager to get extra value out of existing workflows.

1D/2D Barcode Imager: 

Trimble Scan Technology reads a wide range of traditional 1D barcodes, as well as 2D matrix codes. It also digitally captures signatures and images. All of these features are customizable using the Trimble “Scan Agent” application.Omni-directional reading capabilities, along with high motion tolerance, will allow quick, accurate scanning – no matter what the angle or orientation the unit is to the barcodes. The white light illumination with red LED sight line simulates laser scanner performance and provides fool-proof barcode reading in real world conditions: dirt and mud, glass and bright surfaces, harsh and dark conditions, and partially obstructed barcodes or matrices.   

To learn more, configure, and order a Juno T41, visit, or call 866-RUGGED8.

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