Featuring the Getac RX10H Rugged Healthcare Tablet — Antimicrobial, Powerful, Thin and Light!

We want healthcare professionals to meet the Getac RX10H rugged healthcare tablet! This healthcare companion will assist medical professionals in delivering the most exceptional and efficient healthcare services! 


Getac RX10H

Helping to deliver exceptional healthcare service!
The new Getac RX10H tablet helps medical professionals gather patient information and expedite
administrative paperwork all from a single device, supporting the delivery of exceptional and efficient health care services. The RX10H’s thin, ergonomic design and no-slip grip make it comfortable to carry through an entire work shift. The broad, contoured handle hangs easily from any hook —and the body is built to withstand continuous sanitation for long lasting durability. The RX10H runs on the Intel Core M-5Y10c processor, comes standard with 4GB RAM, and can easily operate in temperatures ranging from -5.8 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.
The RX10H’s exterior is made with an antimicrobial material that resists the growth of harmful contaminants, making it safe for the healthcare industry to meet specific regulations. The RX10H healthcare tablet is built to withstand constant cleaning from major sanitizing agents and certified safe from electrostatic discharge. The RX10H display offers glove-sensitive multi-touch functionality with greater readability and sensitivity without compromising durability. Getac’s proprietary technology also enhances screen sensitivity in wet environments while using a stylus, digitizer or even gloves, an essential feature for health care professionals.
The device offers powerful security protection for keeping patient records safe. Its multi-factor authentication includes password protection, RFID reader, fingerprint reader and smart card reader. In addition, TPM 2.0 and Absolute DDS further enhance security to protect private health information.
Evidence has shown that mobile healthcare devices allow medical personnel to be more efficient and productive. Medical professionals using mobile healthcare devices such as the RX10H rugged tablet will record data more accurately, gain quick access to clinical support resources, and increase efficiency in doctor–patient encounter time.
Learn more about the Getac RX10H rugged healthcare tablet…

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