Group Mobile Offers IT Asset Disposal Services!

IT Asset Disposal Services Now Available To Customers
Helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, while committing to regulatory compliance and IT security!

Group Mobile has partnered with CloudBlue to offer IT asset disposal services to customers. CloudBlue manages all logistics of IT asset disposition from pick-up, to transportation, to remarketing for reuse, and recycling. With this addition to Group Mobile’s services, customers will have help with a number of pressing issues related to outdated and unwanted equipment.

The international Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) consortium estimates that businesses and consumers generated 53.8 million tons of electronic waste in 2012, and forecasts that the total volume of used electrical products will reach 72.1 million tons by 2017. Group Mobile understands this issue of e-waste and is now excited to offer customers a solution to this growing problem. 

CloudBlue will ensure sensitive data is destroyed before it leaves any facility, complying with all local, state and federal regulations; devices are erased, degaussed or physically shred on site. Client identification marks are removed and assets are processed to produce the highest value for customers. With the IT asset trade-in program, Group Mobile will extend fair market value payout to customers that can then be used to help offset the cost of new equipment. Upon completion, clients receive a detailed Audit Report as well as access to a customer portal for real-time view of the audit and disposition process. 

Businesses that are retiring old equipment, should contact Group Mobile regarding a full solution lifecycle, whereby a credit can be applied for recycling the old, and bringing in the refreshed equipment. Learn more about IT disposal services here…

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