Keeping the Road Safe – The importance of Vehicle Mounts!

If you utilize a mobile device inside your vehicle, make the safe choice by adding a laptop, or tablet mount. Safety should always be the top priority of any profession using mobile computing solutions. A vehicle mount is a must have if you are driving with your computer in the vehicle, and the selection of vehicle mounting systems Group Mobile carries makes it easy to choose the correct mounting solution for your specific needs. Group Mobile carries many different sizes and brands of computer mounts including a NO-drill solution!

According to the Official Government Website for Distracted Driving, driving while distracted is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. In 2013, 3,154 people were killed in distracted driving crashes. Driving and operating a computer simultaneously should never be an option, however, many professionals are required to have a mobile computer with them at all times, by mounting the computer in the vehicle this increases the rate of safe driving and lessens the risk of an accident. 

Safety is one of the top reasons to use a computer vehicle mount. Every year over 130,000 people are hurt by flying objects inside vehicles, not just during an accident but during sudden stops, turns and unexpected maneuvers. Your computer, or your employee’s computer, becomes a very dangerous object at unexpected times. The computer itself can be damaged, causing down time and potentially costly repairs.

Ergonomics and ease of use are additional reasons to install a vehicle computer mount. Having the vehicle computer in a comfortable and easy to reach position reduces back and eye strain as well as increases productivity. If you use a mobile printer, it can also be mounted keeping everything safe, within reach, and in a professional looking set up.

Group Mobile offers a wide selection of mounting options to choose from.

We carry the top brands, including Gamber-JohnsonRAM, and Havis. There are also computer specific cradles and docking stations available for many computer brands and models. These cradles and docking stations offer custom fit for your computer as well as port replication with some offering antenna pass-through to increase wireless reception. Whether mounting your computer in your car, truck, van, or boat, we have the mounting system you need.

Visit the Group Mobile Vehicle Mount Store to find a mount to fit your vehicle, or fill out the Vehicle Mount Questionnaire and we will contact you with a custom solution to meet your needs.

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