Learn More About the Trimble PG200 Rugged GNSS Receiver!

http://www.groupmobile.com/product.asp/sku=7811/dept_id=108/Trimble+PG200+GNSS+Receiver.htmlNew Trimble PG200 GNSS Receiver  
Rugged, lightweight, and pocket-sized!

The Trimble PG200 is a reliable, rugged, and pocket-sized GNSS receiver. With the PG200 you can achieve a higher level of reliable sub-meter accuracy than your current smart phone or tablet is able to provide on its own with any Bluetooth connected mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, or Trimble handheld computers. In addition, the PG200 is capable of supporting multiple satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, GZSS, and BeiDou.

The Trimble PG200 maintains a truly global solution. In order to support your daily GIS workflows, the Trimble PG200 integrates with the flexible and strong workflows of Trimble Mapping and GIS software. The compact size and light weight makes it easy for mobile workers to take the rugged PG200 wherever they need. In addition, the all-day battery life gives you a full day in the field. The palm-sized PG200 can easily be carried in a pocket or hung on a belt, using the optional belt pouch. The IP65 rated environmental protection and military-spec 810G certified ruggedness make the Trimble PG200 perfect for professional outdoor use. Learn more about the Trimble PG200 GNSS Receiver…

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