Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateways Available at Group Mobile!

Relied upon every day in remote outdoor locations, in-vehicle applications, and retail chains, AirLink Gateways securely connect people, equipment, and services. Sierra Wireless AirLink Gateways can be deployed out-of-the-box with no programming required and are built with the intelligence to always stay connected. Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450 is a reliable, secure 4G LTE gateway. With state-of-the-art global LTE coverage from the proven leader in LTE technology, the ES450 provides broadband connectivity for point of sale devices and other business critical equipment to ensure you can continue to serve customer requests.  The ES450 is loaded with features to secure your critical enterprise data. The ES450 gateway has up to 5 concurrent VPN sessions so you can ensure secure communications to multiple back-end systems. Together with AirVantage Management Service, you have a one-stop solution to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations. Learn more about the Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450… Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 is a rugged, secure mobile gateway that is designed to deliver mission-critical communications for in-vehicle applications. With LTE coverage on major global networks, the GX450 extends broadband connectivity to a wide range of devices and applications. The base model provides connectivity for wired Ethernet, Serial and USB devices in the vehicle; an Ethernet option provides additional Ethernet ports. With the Wi-Fi option, the GX450 gateway also includes an 802.11 b/g/n mobile access point for wireless devices and a Wi-Fi client for depot/station communications. An I/O option provides 4 digital input/outputs and 4 analog inputs to monitor external system events and sensor inputs. Learn more about the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450…

To learn more about all of the Sierra Wireless Gateways that Group Mobile carries, visit

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