Why Group Mobile for Your Rugged Computing Needs?

Group Mobile carries laptop, tablet, handheld, and fixed mount computers. We also carry mobile printers, vehicle docking and mounting gear, power accessories, wireless communication products, antennas, carrying cases, and all the peripherals, accessories, add-ons, and upgrades that you need to be totally effective in a mobile or field computing environment. 

Group Mobile carries all the leading rugged computing brands including Panasonic, Getac, Xplore Technologies, Trimble, Motion Computing, GammaTech rugged computers, and more. In addition, Group Mobile offers vehicle docking and mounting equipment from Gamber-Johnson, RAM, and Havis. If you choose to source your rugged, mobile products from Group Mobile, you can be certain these products are the best and highest quality available in the marketplace. We market, and
provide support on our products to customers across the United States and internationally as well.

Rugged and mobile computer products are used in a variety of industries and organizations. Group Mobile has experience in every one. We do not cater to a specific industry but rather to all types of end-users
who use rugged and mobile products. Our customers range from the largest Fortune 500 corporations, to Federal, State and Local governments, to the Military, all the way to an individual consumer who needs something tougher than a plastic, indoor computer. Whether you are in construction, public safety, building inspection, mining, oil and gas, utility, agribusiness, field service, or any other outdoor or mobile profession, we are here to help you.

Group Mobile’s website features a complete and easy-to-use e-commerce functionality for those who already know what rugged mobile computing device they want and need. We also have friendly and responsive product experts available to answer questions and make recommendations, where appropriate.

There is one other important thing to know about Group Mobile: we absolutely stand behind the rugged computer products we sell and our customer service is second to none. We believe a successful business is built one satisfied customer at a time. We hope you will allow us to meet or exceed your expectation as 
prove ourselves to you as your best supplier ever. 

If you would like to see what our customers have to say about Group Mobile, visit www.groupmobile.com/CustomerComments.asp.

To view all the brands Group Mobile carries, visit http://www.groupmobile.com/brands.asp.

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