Enjoy Bundled Savings on the Brother Pocketjet 6, Getac F110, Panasonic Toughbook SX2, Motion C5m, and Trimble Yuma 2!

Group Mobile has created mobile computing product bundles to provide an easy and affordable way for our customers to get all of the mobile computing products they need without any guesswork. These rugged computing solutions have many of the essential upgrades and accessories needed to help make mobile workers more efficient and productive at a lower price.

Vehicle Printing Solution 
Save $35 on a PocketJet 6 Printer and RAM Vehicle Printer Mount! 

The Vehicle Printing Solution makes it simple to turn your car or truck into a mobile office. This is an ideal solution for field service and other mobile professionals who need to print reports, forms, contracts, and other important documents while they are away from the office. Bundle includes: Brother PocketJet 6 Portable Printer (200dpi) and a RAM® Vehicle Printer Mount to attach your printer to a vehicle laptop mounting system. Learn more about the Vehicle Printing Solution..
Field Service Solution 
Save over $250 on a Getac F110 Rugged Tablet Computer and accessory bundle! 

The Field Service Solution bundle is designed to be as versatile as the workers who rely on it. This mobile computing bundle is ideal for field service and other mobile professionals that need a laptop and the essential accessories for working indoors, outdoors, in a vehicle, and in other challenging work environments. The Field Service Solution offers both savings and convenience by bundling everything you need to stay powered-up and connected at a reduced price. Bundle includes: Getac F110 rugged tablet computer, shoulder strap, bracket with hand strap, spare battery, and a vehicle adapter/charger. Learn more about the Field Service Solution…

Business Travel Solution 
Save $180 on a Panasonic SX2 Business-Rugged Notebook and accessory bundle!

The Business Travel Computing Solution is the perfect mobile computing bundle for business travelers and other mobile professionals. This rugged and reliable mobile computing solution helps reduce downtime and increase productivity while on the road. It includes everything you need to keep you powered up, connected, and on top of business regardless of your work location. Bundle includes: Panasonic Toughbook SX2 business-rugged notebook with WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, Lind 120-Watt Car Adapter, Additional Lithium-ion Battery Pack, and Panasonic Toughmate ComUniversal Carrying Case. Learn more about the Business Travel Solution…

Healthcare Computing Solution
Save over $165 on a Motion C5m Rugged Tablet and accessory bundle! 

Healthcare is a quickly evolving industry where the need to be more efficient, keep costs low, and improve patient care and medical services is imperative. The Healthcare Computing Solution bundle is designed for your savings and convenience. It offers mobile computing products to improve health service delivery and keep track of important patient data. This mobile clinical assistant (MCA) bundle is perfect for hospitals and physicians’ offices. Bundle includes: Motion C5m rugged tablet computer, spare battery pack, desktop docking station, and shoulder strap. Learn more about the Healthcare Computer Solution…

Outdoor Automation Solution
Save $200 on a Trimble Yuma 2 Rugged Tablet and accessory bundle! 

The Outdoor Automation Solution is ideal for mobile workers in industries that require work to be done outdoors and in other challenging work environments, such as military, fire, EMS, construction, energy, utilities, and other field services. The Outdoor Automation Solution bundle includes the Trimble Yuma 2 outdoor-rugged tablet computer, standard battery set, Yuma Carry Case, and a heavy duty vehicle charger. Bundle includes: Trimble Yuma 2 outdoor-rugged tablet computer, standard battery set, Yuma Carry Case, and a heavy duty vehicle charger. Learn more about the Outdoor Automation Solution…

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