Anti-microbal Medical Rugged Tablets from Group Mobile!

In order to reduce or eliminate the possible spread of bacteria and viruses, all healthcare equipment must be kept clean and sanitized. The same is true of point-of-care computing devices. With input from thousands of clinicians, the Toughbook CF-H2, Motion C5te, and DT313H-MD rugged tablets are designed for patient care professionals in the hospital, community clinic, and home care environments. 
With its fan-less, fully sealed design, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2 tablet was built for extreme sanitization and infection control. Its excellent performance and advanced remote management capabilities ensure that both clinicians and IT can feel confident that patient data is secure. In addition, the CF-H2 rugged tablet comes equipped with 4GB SDRAM, and a 500GB 7200rpm shock-mounted, flex-connect hard drive for amazing speed and performance in a 10.1-inch sunlight-viewable display. It offers a complete range of embedded wireless options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 4G LTE or 3G Gobi Mobile Broadband to help users stay connected while in the field. Learn more about the Toughbook H2 rugged tablet…

The sealed Motion C5te Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) tablet by Motion Computing has a durable, disinfectable design with advanced ergonomics and integrated features that provide enhanced productivity within a 10.4-inch capacitive touch display. Available with integrated mobile broadband, the rugged C5t tablet enables clinicians to access up-to-date information, regardless of patient location. The Motion C5 medical tablet also includes a barcode scanner, 64GB solid state drive, optional radio frequency reader (RFID), and optional GPS module. Learn more about the Motion C5te Mobile Clinical Assistant rugged tablet…

The highly sanitized DT313H-MD tablet by DT Research provides a wide work area and detailed application interface to enhance user experience and workflow for medical workers. It features the integration of a 13.3-inch Full-HD capacitive touch screen, a high performance, energy efficient Intel Core i7 processor, and a full-slot SmartCard reader within a slim, lightweight, durable package. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection as well as options for RFID reader, and front and back camera modules, the DT313H-MD rugged tablet offers healthcare professionals an effective tool to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information. Learn more about the DT313H-MD rugged tablet…

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