Coming Soon! New Panasonic FZ-E1 Handheld Tablet!

Coming soon is the 5-inch rugged Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1 handheld tablet. The Toughpad FZ-E1 handheld tablet weights less than one pound, and is designed to MIL-STD-810G and to IP65/IP68 specifications to protect against environmental conditions and accidental situations, such as bumps, drops, or exposure to wind, heat, and rain. The FZ-E1 will survive from 10-foot drops onto concrete and 30 minutes underwater at up a maximum depth of 1.5 meters.

The rugged Panasonic FZ-E1 handheld tablet is powered by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor  and offers a complete range of embedded wireless options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and optional 4G LTE to help keep users connected while on the go. With a long-life, hot swappable battery and high definition, daylight-readable display, the rugged Toughpad FZ-E1 is the perfect handheld tablet for the most demanding environments. Learn more about the Toughpad FZ-E1 rugged handheld tablet computer…

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