Exciting New Trimble Juno T41 Accessories

New Office Dock!

Have your Trimble Juno T41 ready to go into the field every morning, and easily-synched when returned to the office with the Juno T41 Office Dock. The office dock features an easy-to-use recharging function for any model of the Juno T41, as well as the Juno T41 extended battery pack. The office dock offers Ethernet and USB connections to allow secure physical synchronization of collect field data with back office computers. Learn More About the Juno T41 Office Dock…

Juice Pack External Battery!

The Juno T41 Juice Pack external battery is rugged and provides nearly double the run-time between charge cycles. It is a dual-mode Juice Pack. This means the user can have it in the mode that allows the use of battery life of the Juice Pack, or put it in the mode as a mobile charger for the Juno, so it can charge the internal battery. When the Juice Pack is depleted, users can remove it from the Juno T41 and recharge it while continuing to use the Juno T41. Most users will find the Juice Pack is fully recharged and ready to use before the Juno T41 internal battery is fully discharged.

The Juice Pack has the same custom ports, so it will not interfere with the use of USB host/client or 9-pin serial data connections. A status check button and three LEDs inform users of the battery charge status when charging or when in use. The Juice Pack can recharge from the same International AC Charging Kit, Office Docking Station, or Vehicle Charging Kit used for the Juno T41 handheld. Learn More About the Juno T41 Juice Pack…

The Juno T41 Product Family 

The versatile, fully rugged Juno T41 is available in a wide variety of configurations. Build the handheld computer you need: 1D/2D Barcode Imager, Ultra-High Frequency RFID Reader, Enhanced GPS Collector, or SmartPhone… whatever the ideal combination of features and functionality, the Juno T41 is a dependable workhorse built to last for years in any environment.

All JunoT41 handheld computer units contain a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB-32GB of storage with either Android 4.1 or Microsoft WEHH 6.5 operating systems. Other standard features include an 8MP integrated camera, standard 2-4 meter GPS capability, multi-touch capacitive 4.3″ sunlight-readable display, rugged dust and water ingress protection ratings of IP65 or IP68, and all-day battery life.   

To learn more, configure, and order a Juno T41, visit

http://www.groupmobile.com/product.asp/sku=6156, or call 866-RUGGED8. 

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