New DT313 Tablet Computer from DT Research!

Slim, lightweight, powerful rugged Windows tablet! 

The DT313 tablet features an energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i7 processor within a slim, light, and durable package. The DT313 weights just under two pounds and has a brilliant 13.3-inch capacitive touch display. The rugged DT313H has a built-in SmartCard reader, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modules, as well as options for an RFID reader, front and back cameras, 4G LTE broadband connection, and GPS. The tablet also offers hot-swappable batteries and a vehicle-mount charging option. 

In addition, the DT313-MD model provides healthcare professionals with an effective tool to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information. It is durable and made from easily sanitized, anti-microbial materials. 

The rugged DT313 offers seamless information capture for instant transmission on the sales floor, classroom, and in the field. With its large, vivid display, the DT313 shows a wider work area and more detailed application interface to enhance user experience and workflow.

To learn more and order a DT313, visit

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