Juniper Archer 2 Field PC and Mesa Rugged Notepad Available at Group Mobile!

Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth®, the New Juniper Archer 2 Field PC® and the Mesa Rugged Notepad® are built to survive the most rigorous standards. The Archer 2 and Mesa are also tested to MIL-STD-810G for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, and temperature.

New Archer 2 Field PC
Merges modern technology with relentless durability!

The New Archer 2 Field PC is powered by the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 operating system. The rugged Archer 2 features a 4.3″ 480 x 800 pixel display with Juniper’s IllumiView display technology that is even readable in glaring sunlight users can integrate enhanced GPS, photo and video capture, built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner, and cell modem. The Archer 2 handheld also has serial and USB ports for additional connectivity. With a rechargeable, lightweight Li-Ion battery pack, the rugged Archer 2 handheld is sure to last through the most rigorous usage. It operates for an incredible 20 hours per charge, and only takes a quick 4-6 hours to fully charge. Learn more about the Archer 2 Field PC…

Mesa Rugged Notepad
Convenient and efficient! 

The Mesa Rugged Notepad features the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer. The Mesa Rugged Notepad runs the Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system and features a custom Juniper Systems finger-friendly on screen keyboard. The Mesa is a data collection powerhouse with a substantial 5.7 inch screen size, yet it still feels like a compact handheld.

The rugged Mesa Geo Model is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera providing photo capture with geo-tagging, and a GPS receiver with 2-5 meter accuracy, making it ideal for data collection in distributed asset management, work order management, fleet logistics, and more. The Geo model also offers an optional 3G GSM modem (AT&T approved). Mesa HazLoc Models with Class I Division 2 certification for non-incendive environments approved under USA and Canadian intrinsically-safe standards are also available. Learn more about the Mesa Rugged Notepad…

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