Trimble Enhanced GPS and Special Offers from Group Mobile!

Trimble offers innovative products that enable mobile workers to be more efficient in extreme outdoor and industrial environments. The Juno T41, Nomad, Recon, Ranger, and Yuma 2  help users collect accurate field data and work more productively in outdoor or service-related applications.
Learn about Trimble’s Enhanced GPS Capabilities offered on the Juno T41 and Yuma 2! 

Enhanced GPS for Enhanced Workflow

Accurate GPS matters for businesses with equipment in the field. Workers are collecting data on equipment that is installed in a variety of locations – ensuring it is working correctly, that it is in good condition, that it is secure.
Workers who leave the office to check on equipment are taking pictures, scanning barcodes, and setting geo-codes that will automatically alert owners if equipment is removed from its location. Managers are using GPS to ensure their workers are where they’re supposed to be, altering work assignments on the fly based on changing client needs, and providing accurate location data to workers in harsh conditions, to improve workers’ productivity and safety across the board.
Enhanced GPS provides a better GPS experience. Benefits include:
  • 33 seconds to cold start to connect GPS
  • 3 seconds to warm start to connect to GPS (if unit has been used in the last few days)
  • Accuracy down to 1-2 meters
  • Excellent performance under heavy canopy (trees and other objects that might block satellites)
  • Adds only $650 to the list price of the Juno or Yuma 2 (compared to other GPS receivers that cost from $1000-$3000)
  • Built-in GPS receiver (lightweight and small, barely changing the form factor)
  • Geotagging – allowing the customer to take pictures and enabling the GPS to print the GPS information on the picture
Check out the Developer Specification Sheet for additional information. 


Why use a rugged handheld for GPS?  

Consumer-grade handhelds like smartphones and tablets can provide some GPS acquisition capability, but they are fragile and their GPS abilities are very inexact. It’s rare to find a consumer-grade GPS solution at a higher resolution than 30 meters, and that’s a big gap when a worker is trying to find a valve switch under a snow drift, or a meter box by a busy highway. Conversely, survey-grade equipment that can pinpoint exact latitude and longitude to the centimeter is extremely expensive and more than most companies need. Besides, most survey-grade equipment is meant for single use: surveying; and a handheld computer or tablet is meant to be used for many more tasks.

Simply put, a rugged handheld computer or tablet that contains GPS capability of 2-4 meters – or even better at 1-2 meters – is going to pay for itself quickly in the field, and it’s going to be demanded by more and more customers.


Why use Trimble GPS products?

Trimble rugged handheld computers are made by the company that knows more about GPS than any other. Trimble’s GPS accuracy algorithms have been reliable workforce productivity enhancers for many years, and continue to set the industry standard.
Using Trimble mobile computing products, field workers who have to move from place to place to collect data can be fast, efficient, and accurate.

Check out the Portfolio of Enhanced GPS Products from Trimble MCS
The Yuma 2 rugged tablet and Juno T41 rugged handheld both offer 1-2 meter Enhanced GPS

Juno T41 Enhanced GPS
Juno T41 Enhanced GPS
Yuma 2 Enhanced GPS
Yuma 2 Enhanced GPS
Juno T41 CG
Yuma 2 GL
Juno T41 XG (also includes Smartphone capability)
Yuma 2 GLX (also includes internet data connectivity)
Juno T41 XGS (also includes Smartphone and Barcode Imager technology)

To learn more about the Juno T41, Yuma 2, and other Trimble rugged outdoor computers visit, or call 866-RUGGED8 (866-784-4338). 

 Special Savings from Group Mobile! 
Additional 5% off any Yuma 2
Yuma 2
Yuma 2 rugged tablet with incredible direct sunlight readable display, includes both standard and Enhanced GPS models.
Enter Promo Code: YUMA5
*Purchase must be made by 12/23/2013. Discount will be taken when order is processed.
Additional 5% off Juno T41
Juno T41 models with Enhanced GPS or Juno T41 with 1D/2D imaging only.
Enter Promo Code: JUNO5
*Purchase must be made by 12/23/2013. Discount will be taken when order is processed.

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