Accessories for your Motion F5 and C5 Rugged Tablets

Check out these accessories from Motion Computing for your C5 or F5 rugged tablet!

The C5/F5 Series Shoulder Strap allows users who do not require a full carrying case a comfortable and suitable way to carry F5 or C5-Series tablet PC between job sites. Users can securely attach the strap to the tablet handle. Order your C5/F5-Series Shoulder strap today…
The C5/F5 ClipCarry offers a relaxed carrying solution for the C5-Series and F5-Series Tablet PCs. The ClipCarry clasps firmly onto the back of the tablet to provide alternate methods for carrying and holding the device. It includes a comfortable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying throughout the workday in addition to a hand strap that provides an ergonomic and comfortable method of holding the tablet while writing on or interfacing with the display. This product was designed with workflow in mind and will easily fit into the standard Docking Station. Order your C5/F5 ClipCarry today…

The Bluetooth Keyboard is a thin and lightweight 82-key input device for your Motion Tablet PC. The Bluetooth Keyboard is charged with a USB connection to the tablet PC and supplies hours of wireless typing. The compact design allows you to bring your keyboard wherever the job may take you. Order your Bluetooth Keyboard-US today…

Check out all accessories from Motion Computing!

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