Back-to-School Savings on the fliTablet Hands-Free Tablet Floor Stand!

$10 off Group Mobile’s already-low price!*

Get ready for school with a sweet deal on the fliTablet™ stand. For a limited time, Group Mobile is offering $10 off the fliTablet hands-free tablet floor stand! Simply mention this blog or enter promo code backtoschool10 when you place an order on our website.

The fliTablet securely holds the most popular, lightweight tablet computers, including the iPad, Kindle Fire,  Nook, Galaxy, Nexus, and many other lightweight tablet computers. (See fliTablet specifications to ensure size and weight compatibility with your tablet.) 

The heavy base on the fliTablet ensures stability. The adjustable tablet holder secures your computer in place without scratching or damaging it. The fliTablet stand allows you to tilt and swivel your tablet, as well rotate it a full 360° to view your tablet in both portrait and landscape modes.

The fliTablet is useful for both work and leisure activities. It is an ideal tablet accessory for reading, watching movies and videos, playing games, surfing the Internet, presenting and performing, web conferencing, and many other hands-free activities. The fliTablet floor stand is lightweight and easily portable. You can use the fliTablet while working at your desk, lounging on your sofa, or lying in bed. It also makes a great music stand!

The fliTablet is in stock and ready to ship! Visit to order yours today!

* Discount will be taken when order is processed. To order, visit Offer ends August 30, 2013.

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