Group Mobile Adds iKey StreetCase to Product Line

Group Mobile is excited to offer the new StreetCase for Apple® iPad® from iKey. The iKey StreetCase is designed to instantly change an iPad into a rugged laptop. With the click of a button, an iPad easily locks into the durable ABS polycarbonate case, giving the user the protection of an industrial-grade solution at a fraction of the cost. When the iKey StreetCase is closed, the StreetCase fully shields the iPad from drops, vibration, and extreme temperatures. The ikey StreetCase can even be submersed in water without causing damage to the tablet.

The iKey StreetCase has many great features such as an integrated Bluetooth-compatible keyboard that is completely sealed to withstand the elements, and with three levels of red LED backlight, it can always be seen clearly, even during nighttime use. The keyboard has a micro USB charging port built into the case, and can be used for 2 months on a single charge. Along with a fully QWERTY layout, the StreetCase includes iPad-specific hot keys for media controls, search function, home screen and locking. Learn more about the iKey StreetCase…
iPad® is a registered trademark for Apple®.

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