2012 Rugged Computing Year in Review

2012 was an exciting and busy year for Group Mobile! Here are just a few of the highlights from the past 12 months. Click the links to read more on our website – GroupMobile.com or check out our Best of 2012 Review.

New Rugged Computer Products

Here are a few of the new products from 2012

Getac Z710 – Android-powered tablet engineered to be protected against drops, shocks, spills, and vibration
Panasonic Toughbook SX2 – Business-rugged notebook designed for mobile professionals and road warriors
Trimble Juno T41 – Powerful, connected, and compact rugged handheld / smartphone solution for mobile workforces 
Panasonic Toughbook C2 – Semi-rugged convertible featuring the Windows 8 operating system for an incredible mobile computing experience   
Unitech TB100 Compact and economical tablet computer that is durable enough to stand up to business outside the four walls 
DRS ARMOR X7et– Rugged tablet that combines a user-friendly interface with field-tested durability  
Trimble Yuma 2 – Rugged tablet that has the features you need to get essential work done no matter where that work takes you (pictured)
Getac PS336 – Field-ready, fully rugged handheld built for power, functionality, and ruggedness   

See more new releases…

Group Mobile Best Sellers

A selection of our Best Sellers from 2012

Panasonic Toughbook 31Reliable, ultra-rugged laptop offering high performance (pictured) 
RAM MountsAn affordable and flexible mounting solution for nearly any vehicle 
Xplore iX104C5 Rugged tablet designed for the most challenging work environments  
Getac S400One of the most durable semi-rugged notebooks on the market 
General Dynamics Itronix GD8200 – This fully rugged notebook offers uncompromising performance even in extreme conditions 
Trimble NomadPacks functionality into  one of the most powerful rugged handheld computers available 
Motion J3500Tablet PC for mobile professionals requiring a tough device for working conditions such as construction, field services, and


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