New Motion F5t & C5t Rugged Rugged Tablets

New Motion F5t  Tablet 

The Motion F5t is an innovative tablet designed specifically for field service and mobile professionals. It weighs only 3.3 pounds and features a durable design. The F5t will increase efficiency and productivity by enabling constant, real-time communications while in the field. It allows users to keep track of important documents, take and store pictures, fill out forms, capture signatures, email, and more.
The Motion F5t comes standard with several features such as an ergonomic carrying handle, fingerprint reader, 10.4″ display and integrated Bluetooth®. It also includes integrated digital cameras (rear 3.0 MP and front 1.3MP web camera), RFID, Gobi, optional SmartCard reader, optional barcode scanner, and optional GPS module. 

The F5t is available with an optional dual-input display to support both capacitive two-finger touch and digitizer pen for increased flexibility and ease-of-use while gathering, accessing, or transmitting data. Add the optional View Anywhere® technology for outdoor visibility and Gorilla® Glass for durability, and users get the advantage of an industry-leading display optimized for mobile environments. Learn More about the Motion F5t…

New Motion C5t Healthcare Tablet 

The sealed Motion C5t Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) is a hospital-grade tablet specifically designed for use by clinicians across healthcare environments. Its durable, disinfectable design, advanced ergonomics, and integrated features provide enhanced productivity. It brings dependable, automated patient data management straight to the point of care. 
The Motion C5t is lightweight, yet rugged enough to withstand 3-foot drops, bumps, dust, spills, and temperature extremes. The C5t is easily cleaned and disinfected with standard cleansers, making it a great mobile computing solution for medical offices and hospitals. 

The Motion C5t comes standard with several integrated features such as an ergonomic carrying handle, digital cameras (rear 3.0 MP and front 1.3MP web camera), fingerprint reader, 10.4″ display, and integrated Bluetooth. The Motion C5 medical tablet also includes RFID, barcode scanner, optional integrated mobile broadband, and optional Motion View Anywhere® display technology. Learn More about the Motion C5t…

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