New Getac Fully Rugged Tablets

Getac E110 Fully Rugged TabletGetac E110

New Fully Rugged Tablet! 
Group Mobile is happy to announce two new fully rugged Getac tablets. The first is the Getac E110, which is designed with field and customer service applications in mind. It is powered by an Intel® Atom 1.86GHz processor and 4GB RAM. It has an 64GB solid state drive contained in a fully rugged Magnesium Alloy case. It meets military standards for durability and protection against dirt, dust, water, motion, vibration, temperature and other factors that would quickly damage or disable a commercial-grade tablet computer. The Getac E110 tablet features a 10.1″ sunlight-readable HD touch screen display with Quadraclear™ technology for great viewability in any lighting condition. The HD screen uses multi-touch technology which recognizes multiple, simultaneous touch points even while wearing heavy duty gloves. Read More about the Getac E110…
Getac Z710 Rugged Android Tablet 
Getac Z710 
New Fully Rugged Android Tablet! 
Next is the Getac Z710 Android-based, fully rugged tablet. The Z710 is designed to easily build custom apps or download many of the already developed apps that can help you get your job done quickly. It is powered by a Texas Instruments® Dual Core 1Ghz processor and has a 16GB solid state drive. The Getac Z710 also meets military standards for durability, which means it will sustain drops from 6 feet, and is protected against dirt, dust, water, motion, vibration, and extreme temperatures. The Getac Z710 has a variety of built-in communications options including: WiFi, 3G mobile broadband, Bluetooth and GPS. The Getac Z710 comes with a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Read More about the Getac Z710…

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