Introducing the Motion CL910 Rugged Tablet PC

The Motion CL910 is a rugged and lightweight tablet built for mobile business. Running Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional and featuring an Intel® Atom™ Dual Core Processor, the CL910 provides increased power and performance while maintaining a battery life of up to seven hours. Weighing just 2.2 pounds, the CL910 offers the capabilities, applications, accessories, and connectivity mobile workers depend on for on-the-go productivity and efficiency.  
Dual touch technology enables workers to use a digitizer pen and touch input. The CL910’s 10-inch display comes standard with Corning’s® break-resistant Gorilla™ Glass to make the device durable enough for highly mobile workers.

The Motion CL910 has a 64GB solid state drive and is equipped with two integrated cameras – a rear-facing 3MP documentation camera and a front-facing 1.3MP web camera. Connectivity features include 802.11 WLAN, Bluetooth®, and a wireless SIM port for advanced communications. Motion offers integrated upgrades for the CL910 including Gobi™ 3000 mobile broadband with GPS capabilities.  

Additionally, the Motion CL910 is expandable and versatile, with docking and carrying options, as well as integrated peripheral modules for extra features like mag stripe and fingerprint readers. Learn More…

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