Special Bundle Price on the GD8000 Mobile Computing Solution — Save over $2,600!

Group Mobile’s GD8000 Mobile Computing Solution is ideal for field service and other mobile professionals that need a laptop and the essential accessories for working in the field and other challenging work environments. The GD8000 Mobile Computing Solution offers both savings and convenience by bundling everything you need to stay powered-up and connected at a reduced price.

GD8000 Mobile Computing Solution Details

The GD8000 fully rugged laptop is designed for the toughest user and tested to meet, and even exceed military standards, including temperature extremes, humidity, vibration, dust, drops, and spills. From its the water tight case and shock mounted display, to the ability to withstand 48″ drops, it is ready for years of rugged use. The GD8000 featured in this bundle is powered by the Intel® low-voltage Core™ 2 Duo 1.86GHz processing architecture and features a 160GB shock-mounted hard drive with a heater, 1GB DDR3 RAM memory, Windows 7 operating system, and a 13.3-inch DynaVue® display with touchscreen for excellent viewability in all lighting conditions. This configuration also has impressive communications capabilities including Bluetooth and GPS.

The GD8000 vehicle power supply recharges the battery and provides power to your GD8000, allowing you to work in your car and recharge while you are driving.

The GD8000 spare Lithium-ion battery (7200mAh) is a must for those whose tasks require lengthy periods away from AC power.

The 3 Year No-Fault Max Service Warranty protects your investment with fast turnaround service, overnight shipping and extra coverage for three years.

Other GD8000 configurations are also available. Call for more information or request a quote.

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