Group Mobile and Emergency Response Maps Partnership

Group Mobile and Emergency Response Maps (ERM) announced a strategic partnership that will provide a turnkey mapping and mobile response solutions to first responders. The relationship will combine ERM’s RUNBOOK® ( and eFirstView® ( software with rugged laptops and tablet computers supplied by Group Mobile to provide EMS and other public safety professionals a complete mobile computing solution to enhance first responder safety, while improving response times and operational capabilities. Today, EMS and other public safety professionals are in need of automated systems that comply with strict local, state and federal requirements. There is also an increasing need for tools to make firefighting and other first responder efforts more effective to improve their safety and the safety of the citizens they protect. All of this information needs to be accessible on a computer system that is rugged enough to withstand the tough environments EMS and public safety professionals encounter throughout their daily routines. With ERM and Group Mobile, first responders and public safety professionals are delivered a comprehensive solution that provides timely access to mobile mapping, GPS routing, incident management, and hazardous materials solutions. Together, ERM and Group Mobile supply the required rugged computer hardware and software including installation, configuration, and training at an affordable price. Read more…

For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8. 

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