Ultra Rugged Computers for Extraordinary Conditions

Getac X500 
Fully Rugged Notebook
The Getac X500 fully rugged notebook joins extreme durability, ultra fast speed, and expandability to create the ultimate mobile computing solution for military and field operations. The Getac X500 is military-certified for operation in the most extreme conditions. It is certified for ruggedness and shock protection, and its IP65 rating protects the unit from water and dust. The Getac X500 rugged notebook’s design and it’s 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty make it an ideal mobile computing solution to meet virtually every communications and environmental challenge that military and field operations personnel face today.  Starting at $4,759

Xplore iX104C5 DMSR 
Fully Rugged Tablet

The Xplore iX104C5 DMSR (Dual-Mode Sunlight-Readable) fully rugged tablet stands up to real world conditions such as 4′ operating drops to concrete, heavy rain, blowing sand and dust, continuous vibration, temperature extremes, and more. The iX104C5 utilizes a remote heat exchanger technology while maintaining a submersible IP67 rating. This fully rugged tablet delivers powerhouse performance with the Intel Core i7 platform as well as the AllVue Xtreme outdoor display technology.  Starting at $4,599

Trimble Ranger 3 
Fully Rugged Handheld
The Trimble Ranger 3 Series rugged handheld has the mobile computing tools field service workers depend on. Some standard integrated features on the Ranger include: an ultra-fast processor, 256MB RAM, and 8GB of Flash storage for speed and performance along with a 30-hour long-life, hot-swappable battery that can work all day without being recharged. It meets demanding military standards for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude, and temperature extremes. It also comes with an IP67 rating, meaning the Ranger handheld is completely sealed against dust, and can survive immersion in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. This rugged handheld is truly ready for the outdoors!  Starting at $2,699

Ever wonder how rugged computers are rated?  

Ratings are set by various government agencies, industry groups and/or independent laboratories and are cited by manufacturers in order to establish a more exact degree of environmental protection and reliability.

View IP-rating table and other standards/ratings

For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit www.groupmobile.com or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8.

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