Mobile Clinical Assistants

Healthcare computers, also known as Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCA) are designed specifically for use by clinicians across healthcare environments. Medical-grade computers are durable and made from easily sanitized, anti-microbial materials. Healthcare tablet PCs are lightweight and offer advanced ergonomics such as built-in carry handles and straps. Most MCAs offer integrated features essential to enhancing productivity and improving patient care in hospitals and other medical facilities. Some common integrated features include built-in cameras, RFID readers, fingerprint readers, barcode readers, as well wireless options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gobi 3G, and GPS.

Motion C5 Rugged Healthcare Tablet
The Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) is a hospital-grade rugged tablet PC specifically designed for use by clinicians across healthcare environments. This rugged tablet’s durable, disinfectable design, advanced ergonomics and integrated features provide enhanced productivity.

PA600 Rugged PDA
The Unitech PA600 Rugged PDA is perfect for users who need a compact, yet durable device for data collection and real time computing. This rugged PDA comes equipped with a large color LCD touch screen display, 20-key keypad, 624MHz processor, integrated laser scanner, Bluetooth, and optional WLAN as well as anti-microbial housing and integrated RFID and 2D imager for use in healthcare environments.

Panther 1000 RT
The Panther 1000 RT is a light weight, ruggedized tablet PC with innovative Intel® Health technology and excellent mobile performance. It is perfect for the both healthcare and mobile working environments. This fully rugged tablet PC comes with Intel’s Ultra Low Voltage 1.06GHz processor and a 60GB hard disk drive.

Toughbook H1 Health – Rugged Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA)
The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Healthcare (also known as the CF-H1 Health) is a lightweight and durable tablet PC which makes it ideal for the healthcare environment. Based on Intel’s reference design, Panasonic’s Toughbook H1 rugged mobile clinical assistant (MCA), features a bright 10.4″ dual-touch display that offers both tablet and touchscreen functionality.

For more information regarding rugged mobile computing click the links above or visit Call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8.

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